7 Months

Happy 7 months, Baby Girl! Today snuck up on us and we can hardly believe all these months have flown by.

You are now:

*In size 3 diapers

*Thoroughly enjoying grabbing your dainty feet and chewing on them (esp the left one:) It made it pretty hard to get you out of the bathtub tonight!

*Rolling all over the floor, off the rug onto the hardwood floors. You like to check out new areas:)

*Making silly sounds like “Tsss” and “Pffff” and spitting. A few times when you have gotten mad, you have said, “Da da!”. I am working hard on making you say the “Mmmm, Ma-Ma sound!” Except hopefully you will be happy when you say it;)

*Still working on sitting up. We practice a lot but you like to throw yourself backwards….which makes it pretty difficult to practice:)

*Eating cereal every night. You make a huge mess because you’re still getting the hang of the spoon in your mouth and also grab it from us every chance you get. You have also had carrots, sweet potatoes and pears. You started breaking out on your face earlier this week so we reverted to rice cereal only for a week til you clear up. Hopefully you aren’t allergic to anything!

*Have to be watched very carefully, as you put EVERYTHING in your mouth! You have gotten my pens, your hairbows and some of the boys’ toys in your mouth. You are dangerous!

*Enjoying playing peek-a-boo, especially with Samuel. He had you giggling in the car today!

*So sweet and fun. You grab our faces all the time, especially mine. You love to reach for me and come towards me and gnaw on my chin:) I love looking into your blue eyes and coaxing a smile out of you!

*People comment all the time on what a good baby you are, so sweet and content. You will sit at the laundromat with me for 2 1/2 -3 hrs and play, eat and sleep!

*So much fun! We treasure every moment with you!

Love you, Sweetness!


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