Horsey and Friends

 This past weekend we had the pleasure of having some friends over that we haven’t seen in awhile! When we lived back in H.P. we were part of a special married couple’s group at our church. It was where Ben and I formed our closest friendships here!

About a month before our sweet girl arrived, one of our friends welcomed her first baby into the world! And this weekend, the two babies got to meet.

A. is almost 8 months old and sits up with the most perfect posture I’ve ever seen! She was very sweet and liked to “pet” E. on the head;)

 They enjoyed a rousing round of “who can drool on the toys the most?!” They did really great for being kept up from naps too long. Of course, it does help if you are surrounded by many admirerers:)

 Our friend Miss Abby holding Eliana:)

 Then before bed, Daddy (otherswise knows as “Horsey”) and the boys played a rousing game. Giddyup!

 They were shrieking and laughing and having a blast! Daddy knows how to rile these boys up….especially before bedtime!

Miss Beauty has been such a good girl lately! Not that she knows how to be otherwise…..:) She has learned to be so flexible which she has to be, picking up her brothers at all hours of the day and being woken up from naps and spending lots of time in her carseat. Today she woke up from a FOUR hour nap (a rarity!) and ate before coming to pick up her biggest brother from school.

After watching the boys play on the playground for a bit, she got sleepy and fell asleep cradled against my chest. It was so sweet and peaceful and I loved and treasured every minute of it;)


One thought on “Horsey and Friends

  1. It was so great seeing you all- and made me miss our old house group even more! I hope we can have many more reunions in the future! Will you email me those pics when you have a chance?


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