Woo! A fire has been lit and there is some serious preparation going on over here! I admit, despite feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed, that it feels good to be motivated again and feel like I am actually accomplishing something.

I finished painting the table today which was much easier to do without 2 little certain someones begging to wield the paintbrush (dangerously, I might add) or use the screwdriver. They both were very happy for me when they got home and enjoyed getting Daddy to guess what was “new” in the kitchen;)

In Chillins’ news: Zakkai is continuing his fantastic poo-poo streak! Can I hear an amen? I think (although I am kicking myself for saying it out loud even as I write…) that his nighttime pooping in the pull-up business is over!!! He is on star #12 of 30 and when he gets to 30….he gets his “new” blue spray-painted bike with the black horn!!

Even though he is maturing so much in so many ways, there is still quite a bit of fight left in this kid. He regularly has to be told multiple times to do something which results in a time-out, which he HATES (as in screaming, kicking, wild animal crazy!). The funny thing is we tell him, “If you would just listen…you wouldn’t get a time-out! It’s that easy!” Too easy, I guess….

He still makes us words regularly and uses fantastic adjectives and verbs! For example: the other day he was talking about a toy and he told us that it “ploked right down.” A new word! He also likes to tell on Samuel, “Mooooommmmy, Samuel just went thundering past Eliana’s door!” And just today at lunch, as he talked incessantly, he asked me what “sucillius” meant. When I told him it wasn’t a word he said, “But what does it mean?”

He never believes us the first time.

Samuel is preparing for Kindergarten Celebration in 2 weeks. All I know is that they are going to perform at least one poem/song. Today he asked why they have to say stuff on the stage so I’m guessing the kindergartners are going to put on a show for the proud parents!!

He told me today that he told his class he is moving and going to a different school but he promised them he would visit. I asked what they said and he told me, “They said, ‘Yay!!'” According to his progress reports he is well-liked by his fellow classmates! He reads to them and gets chosen to do weather many mornings. It makes me happy to know he has good friends!

Eliana is…just plain cute! She surprisingly loves peas. Her Mugga would shudder if she heard this:) The boys “Ew!” over her baby food regularly and can’t believe I ever fed them mushy, runny baby food!

Daddy is teaching her to say “Dada” when she sees him! She was really quiet yesterday afternoon for me and Ben popped in while I was giving her her bath and she looked up at him, grinned and immediately said, “Da-da!” The boys swear it’s her first word:)

I always knew she was a baby genius.

Some adorableness to think about as you drift off tonight…..


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