Summer Fun and Salad

Wow, a seriously scary thunderstorm just passed before I got on here. I can still here the rumbling thunder in the distance but it was like desert storm meets hurricane meets a lightening show for awhile…

Thankfully, the power did not go out even though I was positive we were going to be sweltering in hot darkness a few times there. With my two tiny candles and Zakkai’s barking dog flashlight for company, of course:)
We are totally enjoying summer over here!! The boys get dirty, sweaty and don’t forget, scraped up all day long outside, get cleaned up with cool baths at night and start all over again bright and early the next morning:)
In the past two days we have registered S at his new school (you wouldn’t believe the paperwork I had to turn in! I practically had to be sworn in and prick my finger with blood to swear that we really do live here and he’s my son…), gotten our city sticker for our car ($45 cheaper than the city of Chicago! Woo!), gotten a library card (waaaay more sophisticated than the city libraries which I loathe for many reasons), got Samuel his very first library card (he is over the moon with excitement!), and checked out one of the local farmer’s markets. We dined on wonderfully fresh, aromatic, bright red strawberries today. Drooling yet?
We also got rhubarb, fresh tomatoes and a parsley plant! We can’t wait til blueberries, raspberries and peaches start coming. Homemade peach pie anyone??
(Ben doing a bible craft with the boys on Sunday:)
And for your enjoyment (I hope), I thought I’d share our newest favorite summer recipe!! I was never, ever a fan of fruit in a salad until my good friend and salad-genius, Miss D, introduced us to it. So good!
Chicken N’ Stuff Salad
Iceberg lettuce
Romaine lettuce
Green and/or red bell peppers, diced
Cucumber, diced
Carrot, diced
Any other veggies you like
Shredded cheese of your desire
Craisins or dried cherries
Pecan pieces or almond slivers
Diced grilled chicken tenderloins
Salad dressing
An appetite.
Toss and mix ingredients to your hearts desire and add dressing. (My favorite is Ranch and Ben likes Sun-dried Tomato vinaigrette). The first time I made it, I cooked chicken in a skillet with a little soy-sauce, tonight we grilled the chicen. I served it with fresh french baguette and pesto (we found this amazing pesto that words won’t describe at a farmer’s market on Sat. Our first time eating it and we are in love!).
Even the boys GOBBLED up the salad and told me I should make it again! I never in my wildest dreams thought my children would adore salad.
Or me, for that matter:)
p.s. My friend also posted about her favorite summer recipe the other day and I’m going to try it soon!

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