What Summer is Made of..

 If you’ll please excuse (or put up with) the constant summer posts, I’ll thank you very much! It feels like the first “normal person” summer we’ve ever had and we are loving it!
Summer is: Popsicles, sidewalk chalk, riding bikes and playing in the rain….
endless hours outside, foot races, bike races, ice cream and movies…

 Farmer’s markets, library trips, hours at the park, t-ball…..

Sunshine, squirt guns, scooters, walks, bbq-ing, picnics, green grass, windows open, children laughing and screaming, dirty boys and nightly baths, bubbles, birthdays, relaxation, flies in the house, lawnmowers, bright flowers, squirrel’s playing tag, birds and butterflies, 4th of July, traveling, family and friends….

Summer is Good.


3 thoughts on “What Summer is Made of..

  1. Ahhh, to be a kid again. I wish I could have fun like that again, if only for one day. No worries except for what flavor popsicle you should eat.


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