Greetings from the land of the sickies! First it was Zakkai Sun night-Wed, then it was Eliana Thurs and Fri, Samuel Fri-Sat and then me, starting Sat night-today….Oh and don’t forget the kitty Fri night-sat!
yuck, yuck and more yuck! I hated to greet my long lost hubby at the door, shivering from a fever and feeling like something the cat drug in but what’s a sick girl to do?!
I am feeling a bit better today, except for a nasty sore throat but I think we’ll all take it easy today! Friedrich-Lazarus is completely back to his normal kitty self! You would never be able to tell he was sick. He is growing like a weed, playing up a storm and snuggling and purring with kitty-love:)
One of the highlights of spending time in the country is helping water Mugga’s garden! The boys, esp Zakkai, jump at the chance to help spray the plants with water. All 4 of us helped water/weed the garden on the 3rd since my mom hasn’t been able to keep up with it well this year due to illness/back injury.

 It doesn’t look like Ben was helping but after he finished his mug of coffee even he got down to business:)

 This little lady did not help. She was far to busy being cute and getting admired!

 Right after we arrived in OH, Ben helped my stepdad cut down an old pine tree and the next day they built up a roaring bonfire to burn the branches and debris. And now they have a big stack of firewood for fall bonfires:)

 And this is Winston. Winston is mischievous and puppyish (wish is good, considering he is a puppy after all…). He loved, loved, loved the boys and had to be told to settle down. The boys, esp Samuel, had terrible flashbacks from my mom’s last dog (a golden doodle) who knocked them over in his exuberance. Zakkai learned how to tell Winston which way was which pretty quickly but we never could get S to completely relax….He seems to me more of a cat guy:)

And this is what I feel like doing today. Winston has the right idea!!


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