Party Pics

 Boy, today has felt like a LONG day! I don’t know what it is but I’m ready to crawl into bed like my 3 little munchkins:)
The past two days our landlords have been using our apartment to “show” to prospective tenants as the apartment for rent is inhabited by 4 men in their 20s and 30s….need I say more? We’ve had 5-6 couples/families walk through. The nice part about it is a)our place is clean! and b) our landlords paid us a little money for being willing to help them!
Part of the reason that I think today was so long is I’ve been having terrible wisdom tooth pain. I know, I know, I still have my wisdom teeth~all 3 of them! Two are partially erupted and have caused little discomfort……until the past 3 days. Now the right side of my jaw, neck and throat are swollen and I can barely open my mouth to chew. I have been terrified of having any surgery period but especially wisdom tooth extraction and now it looks like I’ll probably have to do it.
How, I have no idea….Don’t have the money or the time to do it but I can’t have a bum mouth! I’d just have to start drinking milkshakes all the time. Which wouldn’t be too bad all things considered…..well, except for the terrible pain!! I have a consultation with an oral surgeon tomorrow afternoon which I am equally dreading and anticipating. Wish me luck…..
Since Samuel looked forward to his birthday for so many weeks, it seems fitting that I’m still posting pics weeks later, right? Promise, the never-ending birthday will end! But for now, here’s pics of his fun party we had. He flipped a million times through a cupcake book that I have and finally settled on “Ants on a Picnic” cupcakes which feuled my “Picnic Party” theme:)
I thought they turned out pretty cute!

 An “S” for Samuel:)

 The picnic party food~sandwiches, fresh fruit and veggies, lemonade and bottled water, chips, cookies and cupcakes!

 My Grandpa greeting a friend;)

 A centerpiece:)

 The “Centerpiece” being happily oogled over by her Grandma and Grandma-Great!

 Even Winston got to come to the party!

 E and her Aunt C.

 Some of the party kids (and Mugga) enjoying lunch!

The anxiously awaited cake lighting moment..

 I’m pretty sure he enjoyed the cupcake:)

 My little man growing up so fast!

 My friend Sarah and I

 I got to steal a moment with the very tired Little Missy

 Who is always fascinated with jewelry:)

 Samuel’s face when he got surprised with his new bike!

He got too nervous to ride it in front of everyone but he’s a pro now! He wants to ride day and night! We also had bubbles and sidewalk chalk for the kids, a jumprope, and even a kite which quickly captured the attention of Ben and all the kids:)

It was a really great party and thanks to the help of Ben and my mom, I didn’t even get stressed out!

Well, mostly….


2 thoughts on “Party Pics

  1. heidi we are praying for you and your wisdom tooth. We sure did have a great time on S Birthday Party. The pictures are great. Can hardly wait to have Grpa try the apple pancakes. Sounds so good.


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