The Vestibal

Last night we kept the kiddos up late and after dinner walked over to a local annual Family Festival, or as Z calls it, “The Family Vestibal.” 🙂
It was really fun! It was free, which always draws our interest, and had tons of kids carnival games where they won candy and prizes, lots of free givaways, food, music and later fireworks. We definitely didn’t stay really late, as we had a very tired baby but it was really fun and Z thinks we should go everyday:)
After we tucked the munchkins into their cozy beds, Ben and I settled down to watch “Gone with the Wind” for the first time. It started out good and we had an intermission to watch the fireworks (it was like having a fireworks show in your backyard!!) and then stayed up WAY too late to finish the movie.
What a terrible movie! Seriously. We were so bummed when we finished it and realized how it ended. Really, what was wrong with the person who wrote it? I do not like movies with lots of tragedies (more than is realistic) and crappy endings.
So, if you want my opinion (not that you do!), don’t waste your time watching it if you haven’t before!
Of course, we could be the last people on the planet to not have seen it before now…..:)

Now that we have that established…..Samuel wants to wear his t-ball shirt everyday:) Such a funny kid but I’m so glad he has (mostly) conquered his fear of going and is enjoying it!
Mr Z has ramped up the ‘tude this week and has unfortunately, spent much time in time-out lately. He has such spirit and spunk but that is coupled with impulse and passion which is not always a good thing. We are trying to help him control it:)
He said last night, “Mommy, I never ever get hot! But sometimes I do.” I love his logic!
 E or “Sissy Poo” has she has been called this week, is just changing so quickly. She is all over the place, getting into the boy’s toys and finding scraps on the floor and throwing little fits if we take things away from her:) (although she is easily distractable!) I have to sweep at least 3 times a day. Thankfully, she’s not too fast. Just enough to be dangerous!
Poor Ben is sick today, suffering from the miserable flu-ish virus that the rest of us had. So it’s a busy day keeping the kiddos quiet and caring for my miserable hubby.
These are the kinds of days I wish there were 2 of me….

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