Keeping Busy

 The good news is that Ben is starting to feel better. He now agrees that this virus is a nasty one and has much sympathy for the suffering that the kiddos and I endured 2 weeks ago.
Unfortunately, he had to get sick to have the sympathy! B spent the entire day upstairs in bed yesterday; an extremely rare occurrance for him. Today he ventured down into the daylight to see us but still wasn’t feeling up to doing much.
Now we just pray that the germs don’t circulate around again because none of us want this nasty bug again!!
I’ve tried to keep the boys entertained with building forts, painting with glow in the dark paint in the basement, baking cookies, playing outside, reading library books, going to the park and any other idea that has popped into my head. They go from one activity to another!
You know, if I could bottle up some of their energy and sell it….I’d be rich:)

Eliana napped really well today, which was nice. She woke up each time as happy as a little clam. Actually, she’s usually happy as a clam….unless she doesn’t sleep well:)

She’s been trying out new table foods and thinking she’s big stuff. And if I don’t feed her enough, she just scoots around on the floor looking for tasty crumbs to try. Hence my 3 times a day sweeping!

She’s such a little joy-baby:)

 Samuel has added to his list of things that he’s going to do when he grows up. He is going to play outside and get an even bigger training wheel-less bike and ride alllll day:) He is deliberating whether or not he’d like to be a train engineer someday. He asked me if he would get paid to do it (he’s been very curious about making his own money lately) and I said that he would.

I’m just afraid of what he would buy if he did have his own money!

Zakkai has happy news: he finally filled up his entire poo-poo chart! I wouldn’t say the battle is completely won but it’s almost there. He was VERY proud when he stuck the last star on his chart at 12:30am Saturday morning (you think I’m kidding…..this kid has the most bizarre pooping schedule) but had to wait until later in the morning to ride his “new” bike!

We’re kind of hoping since his new favorite color is red that he’ll consent to keeping the bike red so we don’t have to spray paint it:) But he will get a nice bell for his bike and thankfully, there will be no more bike-fights! Hallelujah!

He has promised me that when he grows up he will sleep completely through the night and not wake up anyone.

But then he might have his own children who will wake up to go to the bathroom at ungodly hours of the night;)

And it will all come full circle!


One thought on “Keeping Busy

  1. HI Heidi, Just got cought up with your blog and read that you just watched Gone With the Wind. Well let me tell you growing up that was my favorite book. Can you believe that. I hated the ending but I always dreamed the Rhett came back because he loved her so much. Enfact I just got the dvd of GWW. because I havn't seen it for so long I wonder now that I'm a Christian how I would feel about movie. I'll let you know.


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