School Stuff

I am bound and determined to get more than 6 hours of sleep tonight so amazingly, I am blogging before 10:30pm. Aren’t you proud?:)

We just got back a bit ago from Samuel’s t-ball game. They did coach’s pitch tonight for the first time instead of just hitting off of the T. Samuel did a really great job! He wants to hit all the time and begs us to pitch for him. He even has Zakkai working for him:)

Z has decided that he just might want to play baseball next summer. If he can wear all red, that is. I asked him if he was sure red would be his favorite color next year and he answered with an unqualified, “YES!!” and assured me that Red will be his favorite color for his entire life.

He told me!

I spent a lot of the day dealing with school “stuff.” School fees and forms are due tomorrow so I was finishing up those. I already got the big transfer forms in back in June but these were for PTO, school shirts, textbook fees, etc. It feels good to finally have that done but I still can’t believe that he’ll be in school in 3 weeks.

beautiful picture, courtesy of moi.

In between dealing with S’s school forms, I was also calling around, trying to find preschool information for Z. They do not offer free preschool in the suburb schools, unlike the city of Chicago. Boo.

On top of monetary concerns, we also have to consider the distance, days of the week, etc. Ben will be taking the car 3 days a week so I will be walking children to and/or from school then. Our current options are the parks district 4 days a week but a longer walk (and more $) or the Y for 2 days a week, closer but not for very long periods of time.

People ask, “Does he have to go to preschool?” Well, no, he doesn’t have to go but I will go crazy if he doesn’t!! I love my spirited little man but he really thrives off of social interaction and misses preschool. We’re hoping to find a good balance of time at home with him before kindergarten starts (b/c there’s no turning back then…) and also a place for him to make friends, grow and learn.

Hopefully we’ll find the right place for him! I am looking forward to him having his “own” school away from Samuel, as he has been shadowing S for so long that he has a hard time breaking out of that shadow. We really desire for Zakkai to be who God made him to be, to have his own interests (and favorite colors:) and to really thrive!

 I will always be thankful for how close my boys are, though, and pray that continues through a lifetime! Samuel told me this morning, “Mommy, sometimes I check on Zakkai after you and Daddy say goodnight to us. I make sure he’s okay and he’s usually asleep right away. Last night I patted him and whispered, ‘My buddy.”’  Love it!

A couple of weeks ago, I gave Eliana her first hair trim. I hated to do it but as you can see, her hair was way past her eyes! We always have to have a bow in it to keep it out of her face (except when sleeping). I combed it all down and just trimmed a teeny bit off but it was really amazing how much freed up her hair. It was really bouncy and fluffy for days and made her look SO different!

Ben was really sad that I trimmed it (he’s an old softie!!) which is funny because he begged me to trim S’s hair when he was a baby. This little girl has him wrapped around every single little finger of hers!

And she knows it. And he knows it:)


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