Farmer’s Market

Today was our Farmer’s Market day! It’s something I look forward to each week; a special thing to do on the day that B is gone 14 hrs or so. Thankfully, it wasn’t 112 degrees out today like last week (slight exaggeration, I suppose:) so the walk to town was much nicer!

I like for the boys to see all the fresh produce and for them to help me choose what to get. I want them to see that food that is good for you can be treats, too, instead of ice cream or candy. I want them to appreciate all the colors and flavors of the fruits and veggies!

Today we got some mini sugar plums, green beans, cucumbers, peaches, corn and coffee cake. Unfortunately for me (since I absolutely cannot resist baked goods), the first table when we walk up is a bakery called “Scratch Bakery” and they sell pretzel bread (which I adore!) but the man pointed out this cinnamon coffee cake loaf which the boys unanimously agreed was our choice of the day.

It was definitely a good choice!

We shared a fresh lemonade, too, as we have been doing the past 3 weeks. There is nothing better than freshly squeezed lemonade! The lemonade man recognizes us by now and gives the boys a cookie to share and each their own straw.

As you can see, they were far too busy sucking up any remaining sweet lemonade remnants to pose for a picture. And can you blame them, really?

Tonight the boys and I started reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!” I wasn’t sure if it would be too advanced for them or not but so far it’s great! Samuel didn’t want to read it because it’s about chocolate, which he claims he doesn’t like (even though he’ll eat it if you put it in front of him!) but he seemed interested:)
How old do you think you have to be to watch the movie? (NOT the creepy Johnny Depp one; the classic)
Here’s a little video of my little inch worm who is causing all sorts of trouble these days! She is starting to throw fits when we take things away, scream for attention or when she wants food, eat crumbs off the floor, get into the boys’ toys……
I wasn’t ready for this yet!
Happy Eliana-watching:)

One thought on “Farmer’s Market

  1. Boy..Eliana sure is moving fast now. Big change from when you were here. Also tell z and S that uncle Mike loved charley and the Chocolate factory so much that he wrote to Roald Dahl and He wrote back to uncle Mike. A thrill for him. Also pray for us over here in Col. Chantelle and family left tday. Our hearts are heavy. Please Lord bring Heidi and Ben back home to us.


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