Zakkai, you are such a bright spot in my life! There are so many wonderful, funny, charming, frustrating things that you say and do that I want to write down so I don’t forget.

You are so full of life~something I have said about you since you were teeny tiny. You were quiet for the first two weeks of your life and after that…..well, let’s just say that you realized you had a voice and you could use it!

Here are some thing I want to remember about you right now at 4 1/2 years old:

You still adore your rays and beg for rest time in the afternoons just so you can snuggle with them.

Your laughter is so infectious and spontaneous. Your eyes light up and sparkle and it makes the people around you smile.

 You are so social. You are so interested in what people are doing and never hesitate to ask questions about something you’re curious about. When we were in OH this summer and Mugga had the Kinetico man come to look at their water system, you stayed by his side like a glue stick and asked him at least 100 questions;) He was so patient with you, having a young son around the same age. He said that maybe you could have his job when you got older and you seemed to be considering it…

 You also, in order, would like to be an astronaut, a firefighter, a garbage truck man (your words:) and a bulldozer driver! Oh and today you said that you would like to build a race car when you grow up. If you stay as tenacious as you are now, as persistent and full of stubborn-will, I have no doubt that you could accomplish all those things. Or at least some of them….

 You are as colorful as your paintings! You brought home so many this past year that I had to take pictures of a lot of them instead of saving them all, even though I wanted to. I hope that we can teach you to control your “colors” instead of letting them run all over the place. God made you bright and rainbow-like and I know He will use it for great things!

 You haven’t taken many naps this summer because it’s been really nice to let you have rest time and then have you fall asleep so early at night. You still fall asleep in the car if we’re driving around naptime but if you have longer than a 20 min nap, you stay awake until far too late inventing excuses for being awake. Like last night when you came downstairs at 8:45pm to tell me that I left one of Eliana’s socks on the stairs…..

 You adore chocolate so much and light up at its mention. You can’t wait to finish “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” because you want to know if Charlie gets to go inside the factory. You would eat chocolate every day if I let you. And so would I:)

As I was just tucking you in you said, “Mommy, wherever you go and whatever house you live in and new places you go, I will follow you in my new car!” You make me laugh!

You are very excited for your new preschool and wish that you could go everyday. I am so glad I have one more year with you before I have to send you off to kindergarten. I want to soak in this time before you get so big. I want to treasure that you still slip you little hand into mine and come give me the BEST, tightest hugs ever!

Your nicknames are Zacratch, Zekatzcha, Zepatch, Dhaghai (I don’t even know how to pretend to tell you how to pronounce this one….trust me, it’s strange!), Koala, Monkey and Little Man. All except the last two are thanks to daddy. He has a strange sense of humor sometimes but you love it!:)

Your new favorite color is red, followed by blue, green and then brown. Orange has shrunk down to the bottom of your list which is sad to me because I learned to associate you with orange. But it’s okay! You can like whatever color you want:)

I love you, Little Man. You are so precious and I’m so thankful for you!


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