More Summer Fun!

Oh my goodness. I am tired. I have no idea how or why our outing today wore me out more than it did the boys…but it did! They seemed tired when I tucked them in but then I had to go up 3 times to settle them down again. Or threaten them.

It might have been the cookies I gave them now that I think about it…..

We went to a water playground for another summer-fun trip today! I told the boys on Wednesday that we would go this week and they have been pestering me since. You would think I know better than to give them advance warning by now…

Wednesday night, after bugging me 637 times about it, Zakkai crept in the room where I was putting E to bed and whispered (loudly), “Mommy, just in case you forget about the water playground…I will remind you!” Make that 638 times.

I admit that I did not want to make the long drive into the city but I promised the boys and I knew they would love it. One look at their faces filled with joy as they splashed, ran and played and every tiring minute of driving and traffic was worth it!

These pictures are for you, Ben. We miss you!

The water is really shallow through the playground so I sat on the edge with Missy and dangled her feet in at first since the water was chilly. She snatched her feet out quickly and curled up her toes but very soon her fat little feet were back in the water and she started kicking:)
I let her kick for awhile and even stood her in the water and then we went and sat in the shallowest part together. She had the best time splashing water in her face, kicking and yelling at the boys as they ran by:) After awhile, I took her out because she was getting cold. She wanted to crawl so bad so I spread out our towels to make a big space for her to move. Of course, she scooted right off the towels and kept trying to eat tiny rocks in the cracks of the pavement.
She was so mad at me everytime I took the rocks away and moved her back. Temper, temper! Finally, when her diaper was about to explode and the boys had pruned up for about 1 1/2 hours, I called it a day. The kiddos changed into drier clothes in the car and then we headed to the library so they could pick out a special Friday movie!
We made mini homemade pizzas while they were watching and finished our night with “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.” I have to say, this must be their favorite book yet! Each night they cannot wait to find out what’s going to happen next!

 I am enjoying it, too, and it makes me want to watch the movie when we’re done! I love kid’s books!

 We are anxiously awaiting the return of Daddy and are counting down the days and hours til he arrives. Or at least I am counting down:) It’s pretty exhausting to be solo 24/7 for so long. I have the utmost admiration and respect for military wives (or husbands) and single parents. I also remind myself that 4 days is nothing compared to the 9 weeks he was gone 3 summers ago. It really strengthened me and helped me get over my fear of these long days/nights by myself. That doesn’t mean I dread it any less though, unfortunately….

 So tonight, we’ll be dreaming of playgrounds in the water, beautiful sunny days, fresh fruit, pizza, exploding diapers, oompah loompah’s and chocolate rivers:)

 I’d say it was a successful day:)

Happy Weekend!
P.S. Please don’t forget to vote today for Eliana! Just 2 more days!

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