Ode to Teeth

 Twas the night before surgery and all through the house
The children were sleeping and Morton the Mouse.
The teeth in my mouth were brushed with great care,
In preparation for the big dentist’s chair.
The pantry was stocked and the medicine filled,
For me who will sit for the surgeon so skilled.
I ask you to lift up a prayer for me
That I may live life in wisdom tooth-less harmony.
With remembrance of last year, the part that I dread
Is the way I will hunger for steak and for bread.
My drama is now coming to a quick close
Now tell me what you think of my prose?
HKT (copyrighted 2011). This could be famous.
 Some pictures I took a couple weeks ago on my phone. This was the first day Z earned his bike! He very happily rode it around and around the park with a big smile on his face:)
BTP (before tire puncture) Samuel was just gaining confidence on his bike then and took a big spill that shook him up. I encouraged him to get back up and try again and after awhile, he mustered up the little strength he had and hopped back on! That’s my boy!

And Baby Monster was busy as usual paying no attention to the camera! I just thought she looked so sweet in her hat and pink shirt;)
I’ll be sure to let you know how thing go tomorrow and really would appreciate a quick prayer as my mind tends to run away with me and I get pretty nervous….

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