Back-to-School Nesting, that is:) I’ve been pretty lax about organizing lately. Only because things have been in pretty good shape since we moved. It’s nice to start over and get a fresh start after a move!
Of course, I’m not recommending moving to get organized:)
We have some good systems in place. For instance, now that we have stairs and there is a lot of toy-trafficking up and down, I keep a basket on the lower step (It’s a big corner step) and throughout the day toss toys in it or put them on the steps. Each time the boys or I go upstairs, we take something with us to put away. Helps keep the downstairs from getting too cluttered!
I also recently created a chore chart! Something I have been meaning to do for a long time so that the cleaning of 5 people’s messes doesn’t rest solely on my shoulders.
I think the boys think there is a magical cleaning crew that comes out at night time.
Meet the cleaning crew:)
So now all of us (over the age of “baby) have assigned chores each day of the week. I even broke up my housecleaning into separate days just to ensure that everything is getting done each week. It’s easy to let things like dusting and vacuuming and…mopping….and well, just about anything slide. Last thing I want to do at nighttime is clean!
The chart has been helping a lot. Samuel checks it each day and tells me whose turn it is to set/clear the table, etc. I had the boys each choose two days to set the table and two days to clear the table. They also picked Saturday as their room cleaning day.
I’m hoping this will teach the boys responsibility and that it takes a family to clean up the family’s mess! Hopefully their wives will thank me one day:)
School starts tomorrow for Samuel (yikes!!) so I woke up today with a spurt of energy and the desire to organizing everything in sight! I started with the boys room, secretly purging little forgotten “treasures” and tiny broken toy bits, saved scraps of papers, old pinecones and the like while they put away toys. I did most of the serious purging while they were downstairs b/c they are definitely more of a hindrance than a help in the purging department! 
You’d be amazed at what you can find in every crack and crevice of a little boy’s room!
We have school supplies all ready and organized, clothes washed and I spent some time this morning baby proofing the living room for a certain little busy-bee I know!!
Samuel is nervous about tomorrow and I have been praying especially for a teacher that fits him (a good balance of compassionate and yet at the same time able to push him out of his comfort zone…gently:) and for God to send him at least one special friend.
I can’t believe my sweet boy is about to enter first grade. It boggles my mind.
Excuse me while I go find a tissue…..

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