Cross-Eyed Jack

When we got home from the pumpkin patch Sunday evening, I was puttering around cleaning up things (as there are always things to be cleaned up around here..) and I decided to check Zakkai’s school sheet detailing this week’s field trip to the pumpkin patch.

To my chagrin, I realized that we were headed to the exact same pumpkin patch! I think we would’ve chosen a different one this weekend had I known!

Nevertheless, Z was very excited over his field trip today, especially since Little Sis and I accompanied him…even on the bus ride.

Z buddied up with 2 preschool pals, Brady (whom we carpool with) and Myles. All 3 boys have a little sister around a year old:)

 We got to do a few different things, thankfully, like the hayride! The boys were enthralled…

 Everywhere you looked there were sneaky creatures in the trees, like this owl family:) Some were silly like Big Bird and Miss Piggy and others were more sinister like ghosts and bats and skeletons (the parts of Halloween I don’t like at all!)

 Z also got to check out an orange tractor that he had his eye on Sunday. It was free today:)

 The future engineers.

 Hey, Zakkai! Look at me!” close enough…

 Biscuit sacked out for awhile, which was nice:)

 Posing for one last pic before we left on the joyous busride home. Oh so joyous. Z and I are pretty tired tonight!! 🙂

And finally, Ben and the boys continued their annual tradition of carving up our pumpkin with a silly face. After much debating over scary vs silly vs scared pumpkin faces…..I am happy to introduce you to “Cross-Eyed Jack,” formerly known as “Alexander.”

 Ready? Light’s out!



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