Eliana’s New Skill

We had our very first outing today!! Well, I suppose I should say my first outing:) We were all feeling a bit cagey and, as you know, Sunday was rough so it was exciting for all of us to get some fresh air. And for me, to feel “human” again:)

It was worth the extra pain of the rest of the day, seriously. We went to the mall and got our newest walker some new shoes! She screamed like she was getting shots when her feet got measured but it was all good in the end.

She got to ride in my wheelchair with me. Oh yeah.

We also made a brief trip to Target, where we met my sister. I got to be even more cool with a smooth ride through the store on a motorized cart. With my foot propped up on the basket. All I needed was streamers and a bell and the picture would’ve been complete! I had to take over driving from Zakkai, who was sitting on my lap, when we almost ran over my 7 month pregnant sister and crashed into a few displays.

That was slightly mortifying:)

Samuel is doing so much better tonight, thankfully! He finally stopped throwing up this morning and perked up this afternoon. I could tell from talking to him that he is weak but glad to be feeling better.

And now I leave you with a peak at Eliana’s new skill! She LOVES it.

The dog hates it.

Howdy. We’ve hit a bit of a rough patch, which is hard since everything has been going so smoothly, thanks to many prayers!
Today my mom started coming down with a cold and has felt cruddy. Not good since she’s our primary caregiver for another 6 days!! Please pray that she sleeps well (which would mean E has to sleep well…) and wakes up feeling better. I feel SO guilty that she isn’t feeling well, knowing all of her hard work for the past couple of weeks has probably run her down:(
Samuel came down with the stomach flu and has been vomiting for over 7 hours, as of the last time I talked to Ben. I am SO sad not to be there with my baby, comforting him. Please pray he stops getting sick soon so he won’t get dehydrated! It’s also tough because Ben will have to miss work tomorrow, which will be his 2nd time for this job in the past 2 weeks.
And I keep having up and down days. I am trying to wean myself off of the pain medication. It’s easier at night because I am sleeping (wasn’t that obvious??) but during the day if I go too long without some, I start hurting a lot more and getting bad headaches and nausea. I think my body is way too used to the medicine after 2+ weeks of being on it. Please pray that I can bear the bad headaches as I wean off of it and that my foot heals soon. I’m getting antsy over here!! 

In happier news, Eliana has become a full-fledged toddler, complete with much screaming, some hitting and lots of walking. Yikes!

The Chronicles of the Gimp

I’m not exactly a picture-taking guru these days. As a matter of fact, most of the time my camera’s not within reach and it’s not too easy for me to get up and find it! Eliana took my camera downstairs yesterday so now I just need someone to bring it back to me…..:)

Today was a very happy day for my Z-man! He got to spend a wonderful morning with my Aunt. They did puzzles, went on a walk, dug in the gravel driveway, ate mac and cheese (he informed her that he does not usually eat the boxed kind, as it isn’t good for you! Haha), and just had a great time!

Then “babysitter #2” came along for the next shift and that happened to be the one and only Grandma! She immediately drew Zakkai into the fun task of baking cupcakes. He was waiting anxiously to do this alllll morning:) He didn’t get to have any cake or cupcakes on his bday so I am so happy that he had fun making some today! He got to sample one before dinner and tried to trick his Mugga into another one for after dinner. Thankfully, Grandma was still there and caught onto his sneaky scheme:)

Eliana surprised us all with a good 3 1/2 hour nap today. She would’ve even kept going but we had to wake her up for the shift change. She was probably extra tired from that 2 1/2 hour talking/laughing spell in the late hours of the evening last night….

I got pretty emotional after talking to my Samuel tonight. I miss him so much! He has the cutest little voice on the phone and hearing him say “I miss you, mommy” would be enough to break even the toughest of hearts! I know he and Daddy are having a great time bonding in the bachelor pad but we all can’t wait to fit the pieces of our family puzzle back together again.

I am same old, same old. I figure I may have to do some heavy duty exercise after this whole shebang is over with~except for my arms! Crutches are a great way to get definition in your arms! Not that I would recommend you needing them……But I’ll have an extra pair here sometime that you can borrow for fun:)

Until next time….

Traveling Fam

We made it safely to Ohio last night. Zakkai was an absolute angel the whole trip! He entertained Eliana, watched car and truck wheels, played, took a nap, ate a snack and only asked if we were close about 95 times!

Eliana did pretty well, too. There was a fair amount of screeching when she dropped toys or threw her special elephants and was fighting a nap but other than that…:)

It was a hard day for us as a family to be separated from each other. Samuel was in tears several times yesterday and ended up sleeping with Daddy last night. He hasn’t decided where he is sleeping tonight;) We are taking this one day at a time but hoping the time goes quickly so we can be back together again.

I went to the dr before our trip yesterday and learned that I am completely off my foot for another 10 days. Yuck. I get that everything needs to knit together inside but…just yuck. It’s really hard not to be able to pick up my baby and comfort her unless someone brings her to me or to care for myself, clean things, cook, etc. But today I decided that I need to find the blessings in this situation so I don’t get frustrated or discouraged!

So far:

*Eliana got over her fear of my mom and has finally bonded with her, which makes my heart happy.

*Ben is getting special time with just Samuel while they are “baching” over in Chicago.

*We are being shown lots of love by family!

*I have time to read lots of books:) And think. And pray.

And, so you can be as amused as we are, here are 2 videos of E. In the first one, she is making a methodical mess of my “library.” And in the 2nd, she is having quite a conversation as she has been doing lately. Cracks us up!

(See Above For Second Video)

Happy Birthday

5 things I love about my newly-minted 5 year old!
Dear Sweet Boy,
I love so many things about you that I can’t even name them all! But here are 5 special things about you.
I love your laugh. Especially when it’s free and uninhibited. It never fails to bring joy to my heart to hear you giggle. I hope you always find things to laugh about!

I love the way you look straight into my eyes when you are telling me something important. You get so close I can memorize the bright sky blue of your eyes and watch the expressiveness on your face. There is nothing but the pure innocence of a child in your gaze.

I love your zest for life. When I think of you, I think of bright colors, happy (loud) noise, energy and passion. God created you full to the brim of passionate life and I can’t wait to see how He uses you!

I love your mechanical side. Sometimes you just might drive us crazy with your obsession for batteries, lights and buttons but I love watching your little brain puzzle and think as you intently try to figure out how things work.
I love your sweetness. You never fail to care when I am sad and are quick to offer a hug or just reach over and pat or rub my arm for no reason at all but just to show me you love me. You are affectionate, tender-hearted and wonderful.
I don’t know how you changed from my little dark-haired baby boy into my tall, maturing 5 year old so quickly. You were my buddy-baby for such a long, long time that it’s hard for me to let that image go.
I always tell you, even though you’ll grow bigger and taller than me and become a man someday, you’ll always be my baby.
I love you with all of my heart, precious son of mine.