We survived our first day home together! Poor Ben is running around like crazy managing everything but I can’t say that I dislike his new penance for cleanliness!!!

Here are a few leftover pictures from our stay in OH:

Missy just loves her Papa! Everyday when he would come in the door from work, she would stop whatever she was doing if she was nearby and just start babbling to him, telling him all about her day (just like in the talking video I posted of her recently). Yesterday before we left, she was calling for her Papa up the stairs:)

 Papa also spent some good time playing army men with Z! He sets up some very nice battle scenes; I’m sure he’s picked up some good tips from all the civil war documentaries he’s watched!

This silly girl is soaking up her time with her Dada! She is showing off her walking, playing with all of her old/new toys, demanding food all day (she has quite an appetite!) and testing to see if she can still work her wiles on her daddy.

She can!

Unfortunately, she is on OH time and will probably wake up bright and early again tomorrow…..actually, make that dark and early:)

Good night!


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