¬†Another weekend gone in a flash! We spent a good portion of the day with my cousin before he left to go back home. We didn’t see him much this weekend but were happy to have a chance to chat and get to know each other as “grown-ups.” ūüôā

The boys, as always, soaked up any attention he threw their way like little puppies. I swear we pay attention to them! Here are a couple cell phone pics from this past week.

The boys being randomly random in the car. They suddenly started saying “Ooooh” to each other and cracking up! I just like the picture because I think they look so much alike. We don’t get asked if they are twins nearly as much anymore since they are separated more but every once in awhile someone does question..

Now that Missy can walk, she thinks it’s such fun to take walks. Sometimes when we have time to kill, we put on her coat and just let her walk down the sidewalk as far as her little legs can carry her. She stops to look at flowers or for “Teet Teets” (Birds) and just soaks in everything around her. She is definitely in her element when she can walk and be free outside!!

I think she looks so darn cute just marching along the sidewalk with her little arm swinging¬†like a real little person:) Not that she’s not a real little person. You know what I mean! I hope.

Tonight as I came downstairs from tucking everyone in bed and looked around me at the floor littered with toys and Ben’s work paraphernalia, I started to sigh in frustration and then thought, “Actually, I should be thankful for the evidence of life in this home! I would be really lonely without my wonderful husband and my sweet children.”

It’s nice to have good perspective every once in awhile:)


Old Before Time.

¬†Whew! Another Saturday survived….barely. Our morning was decent¬†but the boys got seriously cagey this afternoon since the weather wasn’t the best today and we were stuck inside. I about pulled out my hair by mid-afternoon but somehow, it is bedtime and we ended our day peacefully. Grace!

This pic is for my Gma:) I thought you would enjoy seeing your grandson having bonding time with Miss E! For some reason, Eliana takes to men much easier than women. I really hope this isn’t a forboding of the future….ha! We think it is because guys tend to hang back when they see a kid and say “Hey” while women are prone to rushing up, wanting to touch or get close, which she doesn’t react well to. That’s B’s latest theory anyways!

* Samuel is in running club at school, a “club” that meets the second half of lunchtime to run laps around the track. You get a special necklace with a foot charm for every mile you run. Samuel finally got his necklace yesterday and he is SO proud! He has 3 charms already! He reluctantly takes the necklace off at nighttime but I told him we’d take a picture tomorrow to show off for you:)

*Zakkai only has about 3 weeks of school left until he’s out for the summer! He is incredibly excited about “graduation” and tells me they are secretly practicing songs at school but I am not allowed to hear them yet. (Although I can tell he’s dying to sing them for me!) I cannot believe he is going to start kindergarten in the fall. Wow.

*Eliana has progressed from saying “Dai” (for Zakkai) to “Kai” now. It’s like she went through a crazy physical growth where she learned how to walk and climb and become really, really busy and she wasn’t saying too many new words. But now she is repeating a ton of words! The boys get so excited when they hear her saying something new:) In the past few days she has added¬†¬†“Do si?” (Go Outside?) “Bye” “Eat” “Hep” (help) “Cacka” (Cracker) and more. She’s even started adding a word onto her favorite expression of “Uh-oh!” So today she wanted her shoes on so she said, “Uh-oh! Doo!” (uh-oh! Shoe!) She is changing so fast.

*I have noticed even more healing in my foot lately, which is nice! For a few weeks after I started walking again, I experienced so much discomfort in both of my feet as I learned how to walk again. My whole left leg was very weak and shaky and I put too much pressure on my right (good) foot so everything was totally thrown off. I would be hobbling so bad by the end of the day but I am finally getting stronger and able to last longer distances! The only problem is that my whole body is so much weaker from almost FIVE (can you believe it?) months of injury that I am having constant muscle strains. My body hates me!! I am trying to get everything healed so I can get back to working out and not be a 90 year old stuck in a 30 year old’s body.

Or maybe it’s a 30 year old stuck in a 90 year old’s body……you know what I mean!

Basically, I’m old. ha! Now I’m going to enjoy my peace and quiet and rest my old, weary bones:) Have a good night!

Yurtle the Turtle

We had some interesting (and cute) things happen today! Here is your first dose of cuteness:
We made a quick stop to Target this morning and Zakkai begged me to get one of the humongous “train” carts with extra seats on it. I just love¬†pushing those so I immediately agreed. (Please note slight sarcasm:) Eliana’s never ridden in one before and I thought it’d be pretty cute to see the two of them in there.
I was right:) Love that he has his arm around his sister!!
And for interesting: After we got back, Zakkai took advantage of the brief sunshine to ride his scooter around. He came bursting through the door a little while later, as he is wont to do, claiming that he saw a turtle outside!
I admit free and clear that I was a bit suspicious, as my sweet son does have a rather overactive imagination. However…..

He was right! Close to the parking lot was a real live turtle!! We put him in a box just for a little while and tried to give him a little lettuce and banana, since apparently they love fresh produce but he wanted none of it. I was hoping just to keep him long enough to show Samuel but I felt bad that he seemed scared so less than 30 minutes later, we set Yurtle the Turtle free and he slowly ambled off into the sunset.

I mean the bush. Hope he’s found¬†a safe home tonight!

And we ended our busy day with some more cuteness! Three little Ducks in the tub!

As you can see, Missy thought it was pretty freakin’ hilarious to have her brothers in the bathtub with her! They can make her laugh (and scream) so easily:)

Rub A Dub Dub, 3 Ducks in the Tub!

The ABC’s

As you can see below, Zakkai and I did lots of cleaning today! He helped me wipe down doorknobs and light switches, a very important cleaning task with a household of germ-incubating children!

But this is Zakkai’s very favorite cleaning chore to do! When he sees me pull out the vacuum sweep the floor (our good vacuum doesn’t vacuum rugs anymore but is used for sweeping under furniture, along the walls and corners and crevices where dust and crumbs like to hide!) he begs to vacuum the rug.

He had to stop and inspect the vacuum to make sure all the parts were working. Of course, he noticed that one of the lights isn’t working. If you know Zakkai, you know that he’s been noticing lights since he was a year old! Have him come to your house at Christmas time and he’ll be able to tell you just how many of your tree lights are burnt out within about 3 minutes…..:)

Zakkai had a kindergarten orientation this afternoon so it was pretty late in the afternoon when we got home. Just in time to watch the trains and construction vehicles pass by. Obviously, exciting enough to draw the attention of all 3 munchkins;)

I think it’s so cute to see Missy squeezed in between her brothers!

Eliana has been playing the “ABC” song over and over the past several days with a magnetic refrigerator toy and now she tries to sing herself! She walks around saying “I G I A O.” Future American Idol contestant?

As you will see, she’s being a real stinker in this video!


The Fog

Wal-aphed is my new best friend. That is the Walgreen’s version of Sudafed, if you weren’t sure. Walgreens pretty much takes the first part of any brand name medicine off and replaces it with “Wal.” So if you have a headache, don’t forget to get your “Wal-ynol.” Or maybe some “Wal-inex” for your congestion. Or perhaps some “Wal-obismol” for your upset stomach?
Sorry. Anyways, for 2 days now, I’ve suffered from the worst headaches and have felt so foggy. I probably should re-read my post from last night to see if it makes any sense!! After 3 rounds of headache medicine today, I finally decided to take the above mentioned wonder drug and was just amazed at how much it helped me! All of the sudden a cloud just lifted off of me and I could think for the first time and had a little energy to clean.
Which I really need to do since we’re having company soon! Wouldn’t want to scare my cuz away with our mess:)

Moosie is going through a Mommy Phase right now, which is hard for Ben! I admit (secretly) that it’s a little bit of a relief for her to want to be with me since she really pulled away from me after my surgery. She really clung to her Mugga and to Ben and I was just the stranger lady bumming around on the couch with her foot in the air. Perfectly acceptable to show a good toy to, possibly look at a book with and help with homework but that’s about it!

It feels nice to be loved. Well, except for at dinner time because it’s really hard to cook dinner with a toddler hanging off your leg. Try it sometime.

While I was finishing up making dinner tonight, Ben went outside to play ball with the boys and some neighbor friends. They had such a good time that I had a hard time wanting to call them in! Love these beautiful days!

Here are my “remember stories” for today:

1) This morning, Zakkai was talking about plants in the backyard. I have no idea why but he loves to talk so it shouldn’t surprise me:) Anyways, he said he wanted to plant a bush except not one like in the backyard with the prickles on it.

I said, “Oh, that has thorns because it’s a rose bush.”

He said, “A Gross bush???!” haha!

2) Eliana realizing we were about to go outside and yelling “Do, do, dooo!” (Go, go, gooo!) I’ve never had a child who loved to put their coat on so much. I’ve never once had a fight out of her over getting a coat or snowsuit or hat on. Well, except for her sunhats. We’re still working on that;)

3) Zakkai got his very first library card today!! He laboriously printed his name on the back and decided we need to go to the library tomorrow. Again. Just so he can take some books out on his card:) It’s fun to be 5!

4) Samuel has been reading to Zakkai a lot lately, especially in the mornings before we get up. So cute! He also helps him tie his shoes.

5) Eliana is becoming obsessed with her belly button:) She can hardly even see it over her big buddha-belly but her little finger tries to find it, especially when she’s in her birthday suit for bathtime. She thinks it’s hysterical! She also points to her eyes, ears and mouth now.

¬†6) Zakkai went over to a neighbor that we don’t know and told him he needed to repark his car because it was crooked. If I had any pride left, it would be smarting right about now! ha!

Well, that’s all my brain will remember for today! I’m sure I’ll remember something I forgot after I go to bed. It always happens that way:)


Sometimes when I sit down with my computer at night to write on my blog, my brain goes totally blank. No matter what funny little things happened during the day that made me smile, the cute, new things that Eliana is doing, the not-so-funny moments that made me want to tear my bushy hair out. It all just goes blank.

The small things that flit through my mind as I sit here may not mean much to anyone else. The way Samuel has been trying for a week now to jump out and scare me. I think he’s starting to believe I have eyes in the back of my head. Hee hee!

The screaming that Missy does if the boys do something she doesn’t like. She’s all boss these days and will give us a run for our money. Aiyiyi.

Listening to Zakkai tell us that when he grows up, he’s not going to make the kind of meat (stir fry) we had for dinner because it was too hard to chew. But we’re still invited over for pizza and a movie on Friday nights:)

The things they do to amuse us, surprise us, drive us up the wall, love us and capture us. Life is certainly not boring here!

He may be growing up fast but he still loves to sit by me, begs to sleep next to me at night,¬†and asks me 289 questions a day just to see what I know (or don’t know!). Love this kid!

She loves to read all the time,¬† boss her “brudders,” eat and be loved. What a life! She goes by the names “Foosie” “Foosie Foo” “Moosie” “Moosie Foo” and “Biscuit.” It’ll be a wonder if she ever learns her real name:)

So many pretty dresses to choose from these days! I refuse to be ashamed of being a girly girl and hoping for one of my own!

This week we’re expecting the company of one of my cousins! The boys are very excited, as they soak up the attention of any visitors like a thirsty plant soaks up water. Because we never give them any attention, of course.¬† Of course.

Our “handy man guy” came this weekend to repair a leaking pipe under our kitchen sink and the boys were literally 2 feet away from him the whole time, scrutinizing his every move. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found Zakkai under there trying to figure out how to put a new pipe himself one of these days!

All I can say is, watch what you say and do around little people. They are ALWAYS watching! And listening. And learning.

Our Crew

¬†It was a busy day around here. We went to church, our 2nd time back since February! Things didn’t go very well putting Missy into the nursery. She remembered very quickly that it was a place she doesn’t like and she started screaming when we were about 10 feet away:( Sometimes I wonder if she will be living with us for the rest of her life…..

Speaking of Missy….

Peek-A-Boo! She’s into all sorts of climbing and tricks lately. She thinks she’s BIG stuff these days! She turned 18 months old on Friday, much to our disbelief and she is changing by the hour.

She wasn’t saying too many new words for a few weeks but all of the sudden she’s having a word growth spurt! Saying things like “Coa” (Coat), “Nak” (Snack), “Go!” “Bow” (because she has many~haha;), one of my favorites “Monny” (Mommy) and “Daddy”, “Teet Teet” (Tweet, Tweet) and more! It’s so cute to hear her little chipmunk voice talking:)

¬†As promised, I snuck in the boys room last night to take a picture, only to find that Zakkai was the only one who stuck it out for the night in his beanbag chair! That’s quite a nest he has there:)

This is what you can find in Samuel’s hand or under his feet all day, every day! He drives me up the wall with his constant bouncing, dribbling, kicking and fancy foot work. He’s going to be taking soccer this summer and I’m relieved he’ll have an outlet for his itchy fingers and feet!!

This is an example of the 6 (and¬†a half) year old ‘tude that we have been on the receiving end of lately! Man, oh, MAN! It’s like the teenage hormones have kicked in or something. Good thing he has an attitude chart already~we’ve gotta work hard on this one!

The other day he was having trouble with how he was speaking to/acting towards me and I got frustrated with him by bedtime and talked to him about his disrespect. He left to go do something and within 5 minutes was back up with me, sobbing in my arms, totally repentant of his attitude. He sobbed out, “I’m sorry¬†I was so rude to you. I don’t want to be mean!” And in that moment I thanked God that my son’s heart is soft and that he wants to change. May it always be so!!

We got a lot of cleaning/organizing done this afternoon…AFTER a Sunday afternoon nap!! We are amassing a large collection of things to donate or sell, which is good! Mostly clothes, toys and books that we’ve outgrown. We need to get things in ship-shape over here and also raise money to go on a very special trip this summer to celebrate my grandparent’s 60th anniversary!!

Oh, and I convinced the Hubs to do a little organizing down in his dungeon office area. I practically had to hogtie him and throw him over my (non-injured) shoulder to get him down there but he was awfully glad when I did! First of all, he has one clean (ish) corner now, a good place for the printer (that used to be on a crooked box) and he likes my company. Win-win!!