Easter Eggs and Plums!

Today the boys dyed Easter eggs! They were bugging me from about 7:30am on to do this but somehow I managed to hold them off til 10:) Several of the eggs came out cracked but the boys didn’t seem to care~they actually wanted  the cracked eggs! Who knew.

Zakkai working hard to make sure that color is JUST right…

 And probably telling me something very important about the process of dying eggs…
He takes these things very seriously!

 This was my main bugger about the eggs. He watched the clock faithfully until it was time to begin:) You can see that the eggs started out very springy beautiful colors…

 And then the boys got creative and started mixing colors and redying them over and over and over……but they think they are beautiful and that’s what counts!

 We discovered yesterday that a great snack and fussy-cure for Missy is a plum! She was really off today and despite TWO naps (can’t remember the last time that happened!), she was fussy. Until….

 I pulled out that plum and gave it to her:) Then she was as happy (and juicy) as a lark! When she gets close to the pit, we cut it out and hand her back her plum. She waits patiently and then continues with her treat!

Life is good:)


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