Yesterday I was sitting in big overstuffed chair with my feet up on the ottoman, resting for a few minutes. Zakkai came up and laid his hand on my leg while telling me something very important. He stopped in mid-sentence and ran his hand over my shin again, giggled and said, “Mommy, your frickles tickle me!”

I burst out laughing and it took me a few minutes to question him. I said, “Frickles? Do you mean….Prickles?” He wrinkled his cute, little nose, smiled and said, “No! I mean…Freckles!”

I said, a little confused, “Do you know what freckles are?” He grinned as he pointed to my freckle-covered face and said, “It’s those and you have them all over!” (which I don’t, thank you very much!) Then he inspected my leg again and said, “See they’re all bumpy and they tickle!”
I said, dryly, “Those are prickles. Not freckles.”

Maybe it’s time for a new razor…..:)


In a Nutshell.

Early morning, baby crying, leftover strawberry shortcake for breakfast, walking Samuel to school, watching Zakkai and Eliana play trains together, E down for nap, reading on the porch while Z played with dump trucks and water, eating lunch together, coloring a welcome mat with sidewalk chalk, catching up with a neighbor, feeding the baby a snack while walking to get Samuel from school, hanging around outside, back home again, devouring honeydew for snack, boys playing outside with friends, smiling at Eliana wearing her purse on her shoulder, making dinner, feeding the bottomless pits that are my sons, bathing the spaghetti covered baby, rocking her while reading, calling the boys inside, snuggling with them and reading, praying sweet little prayers, shutting the door, the day is done.

Amazing that you can sum up 14 hours in one paragraph:)

Book Review

Please pardon this interruption from my regular blogging for a book review:) Today’s post coming later!

I had another opportunity to read and review a book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishers!

The book I chose this time was “Redemption” by Olympian Gold Medalist Bryan Clay. I wasn’t sure if I would really get into this book as it is a big change from my normal reading preferences.

However, I was hooked easily beginning from the introduction. Bryan Clay journeys you through his very painful and heartbreaking childhood to his ultimate success as a medaling Olympic athlete. I was really impressed with his ability to reason through his behavior as a child and to really reflect on what happened to cause him to be such an angry troubled child. I think it was so perceptive and obviously life-changing for his chidhood counselor to suggest getting him involved in sports to save him.

Bryan Clay’s story is a beautiful reminder of how God can take the most broken and “damaged” of human beings and change them into someone who glorifies and honors Him.

Not only was I drawn in to his personal story of triumph but also intrigued by his accounts of training and preparation for Championships and the Olympics. I have never been a Decathlon fan or have really known what was involved in it but I can honestly say that I’ll be paying a lot more attention this summer during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Bryan Clay has a new fan rooting for him!

I would recommend this book as a good summer read.

The Funnies.

A few recent funny boy one-liners and stories:

Samuel: (At the store tonight) “Mommy, what’s this called? Is it a fruit or a vegetable?” I look over to see him holding a package of cut rhubarb.

“Oh, that’s called rhubarb and it’s a fruit.”

Samuel said incredulously, “It’s called fruitbar??!”

Zakkai: Ben came down this morning looking for a drink of water. Unbeknownst to him, I had placed the water pitcher in the refrigerator to get cold. (It’s been out on the counter through the winter.) He looked around and saw it missing and said, “Zakkai, do you know where the water pitcher is?”

Zakkai said, “It’s in the refrigerator!”
Ben said, “Did you put it there¬†?” Zakkai shook his head no.
Ben said, “Did mommy put it there?” Zakkai shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know but you definitely didn’t put it in there!”

We were preparing to go to Zakkai’s school picnic last Monday and I said, “Zakkai, I have to go pack the picnic now.” Zakkai’s mouth dropped open and he said, “We have to pack the picnic for the whole school??!!”

Samuel~ “Mommy, why do you have yellow teeth?”

Zakkai: “Ah!! Missy’s all laked!!” (Laked = Naked).

While talking about our upcoming slumber party:

Zakkai: “Ooh, and we can have brownies and cookies. And some suckers, too! And you think of some ideas, too, Mommy!” Think he has a sweet tooth? ūüôā

Yesterday during Sunday school, Zakkai marched in the door and announced, “My baby sister’s here today!!” And during coloring time, he started laughing¬†awkwardly If you know him, you can picture¬†this!)¬†and looked up at the¬†other children and teachers¬†around him and said, “My baby sister’s here and she’s coloring but she doesn’t know how!”

He was SO proud:)

Samuel: “But, Mommy, I want to sleep with you. Please? I can come sleep in your bed and Daddy can go sleep with Zakkai.”

I said, “How about we sleep next to each other during our slumber party, okay? I can’t just kick Daddy out of bed, buddy.”

Samuel thinking for a minute, “Fine. We can pull out the couch and Daddy can sleep on floor or go upstairs.”

Poor Daddy!

There are so many funny little things that these boys say and do and I often am too busy to write it down and I forget! I want to savor these little moments…

Weekend Tidbits.

*Turning on our air conditioner for the first time this year. 97 degrees today!

*Eating Hobo Packets on the grill tonight. So glad our stomachs are feeling so much better today!

*Filling up 25+ water balloons for the boys and neighbor friends…..Brought back memories of water balloon fights with my cousins and grandma’s neighbors:)

*Starting my sixth 400+ page book in less than a week. Guess I read a lot more when I feel cruddy!

*Taking stock of my huge “Sell” and “Donate” piles in my bedroom. Can’t wait to get rid of them and have a normal bedroom again!

*Watching Eliana feel pretty silly and drink out of two cups yesterday:

*Listening to the boys yell at each other and then less than 5 minutes later, hearing them giggle and watching them hug each other.

*Watching Eliana’s eyes flutter close at bedtime tonight and soaking in the peace on her face.

*Savoring the cool, fruity sherbet we had for dessert. The perfect summer treat!

*Realizing this is our very last school week! Only 3 days and 1 hr left of this school year. Imagining not packing lunches for almost 3 months… (Picnics excluded!)

*Seeing Zakkai stop and smile at me with the brightest, cutest little face today.

*Having Samuel backtrack, peek around the doorway and say, “I love you, Mommy.”

*Working on my quilt again last night. Determined to finish it…..someday….

*Being able to shake 2 disabled veterans’ hands in front of the store and say, “Thank you.” One nodded humbly, the other looked surprised. Wish I had the courage to do it more often!

*Reading and loving the comments you leave here on my blog. It always encourages me, touches me and gives me the motivation to keep writing! Thank you.

Good night!

He hears.

I had a few things that I was going to post tonight but in light of what happened a few minutes ago, I’m tossing it all out the window!!

It was a tough day for me. I still don’t feel great, especially the first half of the day for some reason (B, too) and Ben went to work so it’s just been me and the rambunctious kiddos most of the day. Zakkai was acting up most of the day and Samuel had an attitude part of the day¬†and it just seemed like I was upset with one or the other of them ALL day. We have days like that occasionally and I don’t like them!

So I told the boys to get in bed and wait for me to tuck them in after I put E down. I was feeling so defeated, wondering why it seems like years of children-training has gone to pot. I read Missy her story and just held her and rocked while I prayed over her. And I started to pray for all 3 of them, with a heavy heart and tears clogging my throat.

If I could have anything in the world, it would be for my 3 precious children to know and love God and to learn to be kind, loving, respectful, wonderful people!¬†And that’s what I prayed for.

I tucked Missy in bed and went into the boys’ room. I sat on Zakkai’s bed and had a long talk with him about his behavior today and then I told him how I want him to love Jesus and asked him if he wanted that. He nodded and I told him all about when I asked Jesus into my heart as a little girl. Samuel was sitting on his beanbag listening and he perked up when I told the story, as he loves when I tell stories about when I was little. Because I think it’s hard for them to grasp that we ever were little people like them:) They asked some questions¬†and I told Zakkai, “When you are ready to do that, when you are ready to ask Jesus to wash allll that yuckiness out of your heart and make you as white as snow and help you learn to love others and be kind and just like Him, you tell me and I’ll pray with you.”

He nodded and I got up to say goodnight to Samuel and do all the little things to close up shop: closing blinds, turning off lights, etc. I was closing the closet door when Samuel came up beside me,¬†tugged on¬†my arm and said really softly, “Mommy, will you pray with me, too?” At first I thought he meant our bedtime prayer but then I quickly realized that he wanted to say THE prayer.

He first prayed to ask Jesus into his heart almost exactly 2 years ago, May 23rd, 2010. He has a page written in his journal from that night that says, “I love Jesus” in it and a sweet picture. But he doesn’t remember that night too much since he wasn’t quite 5 years old yet and he said he wanted to pray tonight since he is older.

Tonight my sweet boy became a child of God (again) and it was such a blessing to me because I felt like God heard my cries. Things have been tough lately for a few reasons and I’ve been asking God if He hears my prayers, especially those I seem to pray over and over with no immediate answers.

Tonight He heard, He knew what I needed and what Samuel needed and He answered. My heart is full. Thank you, God.


¬†This afternoon, Ben and I finally turned a corner! We both started to feel more “human” after some soup and a nap. We are hoping that with a few more days of boring, bland food, we will be back to our healthy-ish selves:)

In other news, our camera did officially die. I have no idea how or why it turned on enough for me to get my pictures off from the weekend but I am very thankful! We never said anything to Zakkai about spilling the water on it because he had no idea that it happened but he must’ve put some pieces together because yesterday out of nowhere he said, “Mommy, I’m really sorry I spilled water on the camera.”

In the sweetest, saddest little voice you’ve ever heard. Who could be upset with that? We have had an offer from a great friend to give us their old camera, which is the biggest blessing! Hopefully, I’ll have better pics than the ones from my phone soon!

Zakkai officially graduated from preschool on Tuesday! I dragged my sick self to that school, knowing what an important day it was for him. He has talked about this day non-stop and kept saying, “Is this my special day?”

I would’ve gone even if there was an earthquake outside and i was missing a leg!

Samuel and Eliana came with me and poor Daddy couldn’t come because he was so sick at home:( Zakkai’s class sang the cutest “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz” song while wearing little bee constumes! I can hear it in my head and picture those cute 4 and 5 year olds dancing and showing their stingers;)

Then they sang a “Tickle the Tiger” song, which was also very cute! Zakkai looked really uncertain¬†as he sang but kept his neighbors in line, showing them the right direction to turn when they were backwards:)

I asked a friend to take pictures for me and would you believe, her camera battery died after one picture! She said someone else took a picture for me but who knows if I will ever see it;( This is the best I got with my phone. Mr Zakkai Thomas getting his diploma! This was one happy soon-to-be kindergartener!!

And here’s Moosie Foo reading a book today:) She just LOVES to read and will ask to come up on the couch and then ask for a book. She thinks it’s so fun to sit with us. I hope she’s a big reader like her mommy and daddy!

Today alone, she learned at least 5 new words! She’s in a big repeating stage right now and¬†in the past few days learned¬†“Tuttle” (Turtle) “Beah” (Bear) “Buppy” (Button) “Bapple” (Apple) “Fow” (Flower) “Belby” (Belly/Belly button) “Ga” (Giraffe) “Bee” (Bee) “Cah” (Cat) “Chee” (Cheeks) and more! It’s amazing how her language is exploding! She just loves to talk about things she knows and point out objects in books. It’s a fun age!

And it’s also a tiring age:) Off to catch up on sleep!