Grandma Weekend and Fun Finds!

We’ll be back with more pictured posts tomorrow.

And by “we”, I mean me. 🙂

Today we had a leisurely breakfast of scrambled eggs and apple streusel muffins and then played a little Angry Birds while trying to make up our minds about what to do for the day.

Okay, I didn’t play angry birds; I was too busy doing the planning but the boys charmed their Grandma into playing:) It doesn’t take much for them to charm her.

And I’m pretty sure she would agree!

We decided to visit the Chicago Premium Outlets, which we’d never been to before. They were about 40 minutes away from us (longer if you count the gas stop and the bathroom stop for a certain son of ours who threatened to pee his pants.)

We had fun browsing through some stores and eating a little (overpriced) lunch! My favorite stop of the day?

The Vera Bradley store!! I used to think her stuff was really “old lady-ish” (I”m sorry, Gma!) but now there are so many bright, fun fabrics and so many options of things to buy. I can never afford anything from there BUT a good friend of mine told me a very fun secret!

If you sign up with their store, you get a $20 giftcard during your birthday month to spend on whatever you want. So if you want a $20 bag (if there were even such a thing!), then you can get it for free.

On top of that,they were having a 20% off sale! My lucky day:) I found a wonderful bag for traveling back in the clearance section and walked away with a $98 bag for $25!! Or $0, thanks to some birthday money:)

We stopped for ice cream cones on the way home and relaxed this afternoon. It’s been a really fun weekend as we soak up Grandma-time.

Now off to bed!


4 thoughts on “Grandma Weekend and Fun Finds!

  1. Oh Heidi I am so happy you found a Vera Bradley bag! Aren' t the fabrics adorable? I though that the prints were old fashion at first too but now they know what to do with the fabrics. In Texas, all ages love the Vera bags! They are so popular!!


  2. I will go to it someday, it's about 4 hours away down by Austin. We have a store 10 minutes away and I like to visit it regularly!


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