The Crew.

Eliana is really becoming my little buddy these days:) She has adjusted to the quiet mornings without her brothers and soaks up her time with me, playing or “helping.”
She could NOT get enough of Daddy when he was home yesterday. She wanted to be in his arms every chance she could get! That didn’t make it easy for him to get work done.

It doesn’t help that he’s a regular old softie where she is concerned;)

One of her favorite things to do this week is to walk around and around the house with either the one of the boy’s lunchboxes or her own and the Hot Wheels suitcase (carries cars.) It’s so cute! She says, “Bye! Goin’!”

She looked so stinkin’ cute with her hair up and her orange on yesterday:) We could possibly be biased. Maybe. She’s been counting a lot “Two, Fwee!” and trying to say so many words that sometimes I don’t quite catch what she’s saying. Some of her words sounds so similar and throw in the “W’s” for “R’s” and it’s pretty hard sometimes! She is growing up so fast…

I got these containers for the boys’ lunches yesterday and I just love them! A friend got them and told me about them. They are from Old Navy and just perfect for little portions! They fit nicely into the boys’ lunchboxes. Yesterday Samuel said, “Whyyyyy do we have to have vegetables every day?”

“Because I want you to be healthy and vegetables are good for you!” The end! Of course, they didn’t complain when I put spinach in their eggs yesterday morning or in their soup last night. So much progress in the last couple of years. Green isn’t so bad after all!

Zakkai did a watercolor painting of our family at school today. I asked him why there were only 4 of us and who was missing. He started to say that Daddy was missing and then changed his mind mid-sentence and said in typical imaginative Zakkai-fashion, “No, Eliana is missing. She knocked an icecicle over, ran out of the picture, jumped into your tummy and then came back out and was a baby!”

Maybe he will write children’s books someday…..After he gets home from his garbage man/engineer/train conductor/tree cutter/chef/pilot/astronaut job:)

Samuel is really struggling to get back into homework mode. I try to give him some time after school to run around with some friends before we head home for homework but it is such a struggle to get him to SIT DOWN and just get it over with! I know he’ll get into the routine, just like he did last year. I guess it’s hard after 3 months of freedom:)

I said, “Samuel, how do you feel about homework?” Ha!

While Samuel was finishing his homework prison sentence, Zakkai and Eliana were busy helping me wipe off the cabinets and dishwasher. Zakkai started it and Eliana quickly followed suit, wanting to be just like her beloved “Bwudder!” They make me smile;)

Happy Thursday!


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