Miss Foose has been walking around saying letters and counting lately. “Two, Fwee, Sick, Nine.” So, I started saying the alphabet with her this week and captured this on video this afternoon:) Have to say myself, she’s pretty cute!!

She wore this bookbag ALL day today except for her nap and she loves to draw on any paper nearby. Which means we have to keep a close eye on homework, library books, etc.

Sorry if the video sound is delayed. Not sure why that happens!



 Where’s Eliana?

It only takes a split second for a toddler to come up with some ingenious mischief! Eliana discovered she could climb into the bay window area and crawl around, then slide down the cushions on to the couch. She even started requesting books to be brought to her after the 11th or 12th time I caught her up there…Stinker!

Enjoying a rare family bedtime story! Eliana talked through the entire story! She loves to name/point out all the things she knows. I’m glad all our kiddos love books!

They definitely came by it honestly, that’s for sure!


Guess where I went tonight???? Zumba!! My first time back since the beginning of February. We had to drop our Y membership for the summer and just picked it back up again at a reduced price. Apparently being poor pays off sometimes:) Ben’s schedule has been to work every Tues night which is Zumba night but this week it changed and voila!

The instructor remembered me and made a point to welcome me. I recognized a few people in the class, including a very energetic, strange, sweaty man in tight biker shorts. Zumba attracts all kinds of people:)

Here’s a glimpse of what Zumba looks like: My class would be minus the crazy guy waving the towel around:) My class is a whole lots smaller and the instructor faces the mirrors (with back to us) so we can copy her movements. It’s so fun with loud, upbeat music and you work up a good sweat!!

Tonight one of the songs we did was a song I just heard for the first time this past week, thanks to my sis:) It’s called Gangham Style. (I’ll spare you the real video and give you a clip from the Today’s show.) Apparently it’s all the rage and lots of people are copying it. It’s a very, very strange, yet intriguing thing to watch and I admit it was a lot of fun to try the dance tonight!

Anyways, glad to be back exercising again! When I told the boys I was going to Zumba tonight, Zakkai said, “Can I go to Zumba, too??!!”

Well, the Y has a kid’s class called “Zumbatonic!” It’s his lucky day…..

Blue Suede Shoes.

 Okay, so they’re not blue suede shoes but she loves them anyways! Eliana was given some clothes by some friends to borrow and in them are these adorable brown boots that she has taken quite a fancy to. She wants to wear them all the time!

Actually, that was until she got some new black dress shoes for church. Now she has a new favorite pair. For now.

Our girlie has a shoe addiction!! She adores these boots and looks awfully cute in them, if I might say so.

I’m not really sure where that inate desire to pull up their shirts and/or dresses comes from but I’m pretty sure all little girls do it at some point!

She giggled when she saw this pic:) She has a basket of shoes in her room and she is very specific about which ones she wants to wear each day. We may be in trouble…

Just doin’ some homework like the brudders! We start ’em young around here:)

Sunday Scraps.

 It has been a busy few days around here and that leaves me feeling totally uninspired at night time when it comes to blogging. Sometimes anyways. Do allow me to say that your comments always energize me to keep up! So thanks, peeps:) (well, those of you who comment, anyway. Ahem.)

This is what 8 loads of laundry looks like (minus the 2 stacks that were drying on the drying rack and on various chairs and surfaces:) I got a little behind on laundry due to a severe quarter draught but once we get down to no undies or socks or towels, it’s time to buck up and do it! This would be $20 worth of laundry and 4-5 hours of labor.

I’m considered joining our family in a nudist colony or inventing an automatic washing machine/sorter/dryer/folder. Although really, I actually like the folding part. Thankfully, everyone pitched in and helped put it all away!

I have this pair of socks that I like. And don’t like. They are a silky, soft cotton and I probably should’ve thrown them away months ago but good socks are hard to come by so I couldn’t bring myself to do it.. See that “scar” that my sock has? That, until this afternoon, was a gaping hole.

How did it get that gaping hole, you ask? These socks are the infamous socks I was wearing on that fateful night last December when I dropped a rotary cutter on my foot.

Anyone else out there shudder at the same time I did?

These socks creep me out. The hole. The memories. Ugh. So today I finally took a step towards emotional healing (and sock saving) and sewed the hold shut. All that remains is a scar. Just like on my foot.

And last but not least, see these children? They’re pretty cute and I love them:)

The end.


He is called Sam-I-Am, Schmulick and Old Man. He has changed so much in this past year, transitioning from little kid toys and interests to pretty much only wanting to play with friends. Even though he thinks he’s “big stuff” these days, he still has his giraffees somewhere in his bed (shhhh, don’t tell him I told you!), will hold my hand on the way to or from school and has the same nightly goodnight routine he’s had for years: 2 kisses on each cheek, one on the nose and a big hug. He has the softest cheeks:)

He gets frustrated having to sit at the table and do homework when the beautiful fall weather and promise of playing with friends calls his name. He confessed that he is not wearing his glasses at school, nor have we been doing a good job at home. This will change! (anyone know how to make glasses un-crooked?) He joined running club again at school and has been waiting anxiously for today’s first meeting. He ran just over a mile and earned another foot charm to add to his 11 from last spring!

He says he wants to be either a soccer player or a pet shop owner when he grows up. To clarify, a pet shop owner that sells everything but dogs. I’m not sure he’ll ever like dogs! His sweet heart has stayed sensitive and loving all these years. He loves to tease and be teased. He can’t stand to have anyone raise their voice at him. He is quick to back down and correct mistakes he makes. He’s starting to get self-conscious about things that he wears (like his glasses) and reminds me SOOOO much of his mama:)

That would be me.

The other day he came up to me randomly and said, “Mommy, does Daddy wear size Big or size Medium?” 🙂

He’s 7, he’s changing, he’s growing, he’s maturing but he’s still my first baby and always will be.


 He has many nicknames. Zacratch. Zacchaeus, ZaCalliou (Kye-you ~after the cartoon), Z-Man, Mr Z, Monkey, and more.

He’s unbridled and undisciplined (not through lack of effort on our part!), impulsive, observant, talkative, tender-hearted, loud (LOUD), passionate, emotional…..shall I go on??

He’s really thirsting with the desire to read. He spells out every word he can see and guesses what it might say. We are working hard on sounding out words and not just guessing!

He talked Daddy into finding a computer game that he plays at school here at home and got to spend some special time with daddy reading and having fun!

We are working on some better ways to parent this sweet boy and to help him thrive in school and with friends and my deepest wish for this year is for him to grow in self-confidence, to know how very special and loved he is and to make some good friends.

I hope this is a special kindergarten year for our Zakkai!