A few random pics:

Zakkai playing some earned Wii time last week:) He’s been talking non-stop about fire safety this week since there was a fire safety assembly at school. We have learned all about making an escape plan, stop, drop and roll and changing our smoke detector batteries from our little fireman:)

At the end of last week this became Eliana’s new “thing” that she just had to have on every day, even though it’s almost bigger than her!

“Backack? Mama, Backack?”

Zakkai was writing out numbers last week and Eliana decided to get down and join him:) She loves to do whatever her brothers do!

Here’s a picture of my sis and I in Colorado in August when we were visiting Breckenridge! I wish the trip hadn’t gone by so quickly, as it was so much fun to be around family and catch up. Miss my family!


Eliana is still fighting whatever sickness she has. She was up 6 times crying for me last night;( I knew her tylenol was going to wear off around 11:30pm last night and sure enough, she was up at 11:20 crying, burning up with a fever of over 102 degrees. Poor kid! She’s been off and on today with her fever and fussiness with periods of perking up. If she doesn’t improve tonight/tomorrow, then I guess we’re headed to the drs to make sure she doesn’t have an ear infection or anything.

I’ve been bribing Samuel to try to remember to wear his glasses at school since he’s been doing such a terrible job! Yes, I know bribery is a no-no but incentive is working! 2 days in a row Samuel has remembered to put them on while doing schoolwork just for a piece of rare candy! Hopefully offering small rewards will get him into a habit of wearing them. Rascal.

Tomorrow afternoon I start a quilting class!!! I am so excited to be doing something I’ve really wanted to do for such a long time. And not only that, I get to get away for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon, thanks to the graciousness of my hubby! It’s so rare for me to go out by myself or even do something for myself so I hope this is a good thing. I feel excited and selfish and a little guilty. But mostly excited;)

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better news about our Missy Girl.


2 thoughts on “Rambles.

  1. So sorry about E fever…Sounds like a infection ear maybe to me. So excited you are going to a quilting class. How fun is that. My girls and myself took a class one time. Learned so much but unfortunately did not go on with quilting ..Loved it though…I wonder why I didn't do more. Alas same as kniting. What is wrong here..


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