Little Bunny Foo-Foo.

Our Sweet Bunny Foo-Foo has had such a tough week! I finally connected the dots today (literally~ha!) as to the mystery virus E has been suffering from when she broke out in a rash all over. Looks like Roseola struck our house again! (the boys had it when they were little.)

Poor Eliana has had high fevers, no appetite and has been so sleepy and fussy since Monday afternoon. Today her fever was finally broken and she broke out in a rash. Add that to her puffy, red eyes and she looks sad! I am so thankful to have an answer though and hope she heals quickly!

It was so nice to see her playing today and seeming more like herself. She’s a little more mellow and irritable than normal but much better than 2 days ago!

Our little birthday girl has been getting some cute gifts in the mail. She knows presents are fun but isn’t sure how to open them:) I help her tear them and then she exlaims and oohs and ahhs over the treasures inside! Yesterday she got the cutest package from my sister: bunny slippers, pajama pants and a cute Pajama book by one of our favorite authors, “Sandra Boynton.”

E insisted on putting the bunny slippers on right away and has worn them pretty much ever since, except for bathtime! She put her pajama pants on over her leggings and she was set:)

My sister opened an etsy shop if you are interested in other adorable things like these! It’s called “Goosalicious” and she’s really talented and adding new things soon!

Now off to settle the Foose, who is having a party in her bed……


4 thoughts on “Little Bunny Foo-Foo.

  1. Is that Gretchen's shop and how do you find it? Also I loved seeing E with the Kitty that we gave her. I always worried that maybe being black that she didn't like it. I am so sorry that E has been ill again. Hopefully you are through with illness for a while. You need a break.


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