Anyone know where to find a money tree?

                                           (first full ponytail!)

Took this cute little Thang to the eye dr this morning for her quarterly check-up. We came away with good news and bad/good news. The bad/good news is she’s getting new glasses with her maxed prescription in them (+5.50) and will be getting bifocals to help with her close-up focusing. This should help her eye to stop turning in as much as it does now. The bad news? Because they are such specific glasses for such a tiny person, they will be $200! That’s somewhere between Ouch (!) and Boing! (name that movie.)

The other good news is that she can get contacts at a very early age (even 5 years old) and we are hoping the full-strength prescription will help her eye enough that she won’t have to have surgery in a few years. Also, her prescription and eye-turn will lessen a bit once she gets into her 20s. She’s happily the opposite of her dear old mom and dad, who will continue to get blinder with age:)

She may be cute and worth every penny but she’s expensive!

The boys are in candy heaven today. They got to take a piece in their lunches today which made them very happy. We usually let them have 1-2 pieces a day for a few days or so (a serious treat, believe me!) and then we make them weed down the buckets and choose their top 10-15 pieces to last the rest of the year.

The rest? Either gets tossed or goes into our gingerbread house stash! It’s a nice way to save money and have some fun decorations for our gingerbread houses next month. We have plenty to share with anyone who wants any…..:)

The boys are in this terrible habit of leaving things at school right now. Yesterday Samuel left his hat, gloves and his lunchbox at school! Today, Zakkai left his brand-new hat at school. Any ideas on getting them to remember to bring this stuff home??

I took Zakkai to the school lost and found table to look for his lost mitten (yet another article of clothing that disappeared into a black hole..), only to find a HUGE assortment of lost gear from the school kids! I’m talking several winter coats, piles of sweatshirts, hats, gloves, headbands, books, etc. Who wouldn’t try to find their kid’s winter coat if it went missing???

Apparently the school makes a big donation twice a year of all the unclaimed clothing. There was too much stuff to look through so we left mitten-less. Sigh.


This has been a week full of appointments and busyness. The boys had appts Tues afternoon, yesterday was just crazy, E’s eye appt today and her 2 year check-up tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to a nice quiet weekend!

I hope:)


One thought on “Anyone know where to find a money tree?

  1. Wow! I was allowed to eat all my candy, I ate all the chocolate first! Aunt Judy and I were nuts about the candy! Your Mom just didn't like sweets as much as her sisters. Now, I like only good dark chocolate, nothing else!


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