3 Wild Things!

 Yesterday we went on a long-overdue trip to the zoo! It wasn’t a long trip but that’s the beauty about living close by. It doesn’t need to be:)

Being the usual scatterbrain, I forgot my camera but I was able to convince Samuel to take this picture to show his zoo face paint:

Samuel the Lion! He was embarassed by it first (even though he asked for it!) but then he didn’t want to take it off:) Love that cute face.

Zakkai and Eliana have a funny relationship. He likes to play with her but doesn’t often understand the mind of a 2 year old and the fact that she doesn’t “get” the same things he gets. So he gets frustrated with her easily and we have to work really hard to teach him to distract, replace wanted toys and speak gently.

Yesterday, however, they had a fun brother-sister moment, which was nice to see. Zakkai covered her in pillows (except her face, upon strict orders!) and then she’d throw them off, giggling, and they’d start all over again.

These 3 certainly keep me busy!


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