We always decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving or as close as possible! So this week, we’ve been planning to have a little family Christmas party all week.

Little did we know that we’d be going down one by one! I went and got some meds today for a sinus infection that’s had me with head pain/aches for over a week now and even vomiting on Wednesday. Samuel has a nasty sore throat that had him in tears all night. Zakkai came home from school with terrible pain in his lower left abdomen/groin area. After watching him not be able to walk normally and dissolving in tears several times over the pain, I called the dr. She wanted to see him right away, fearing a hernia. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear to be a hernia but is mostly likely a strained groin muscle. Poor kiddo spent the evening on the couch with a heated rice sock and some motrin to help with the pain. He was also in tears many times this evening.

There were several times when I wanted to call it quits and postpone our little party but we perservered, hoping to lift our spirits! I played the kiddos a few Christmas tunes on my piano which brought some smiles, we had homemade pizza and some cookies.

Here are my favorite 4, watching the Grinch:)

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies! SO good and definitely will be made again!

We had to work hard to get this tree to stay upright and get the lights to turn on tonight but after a lot of hard work from Dear Daddy, and some great ornament help from my Little Peeps, I’d say this little Charlie Brown tree turned out pretty cute!

Happy Friday from our broken but spirited crew:)


2 thoughts on “Decorating!

  1. Hay..The tree looks great at least from a distance..Maybe next year you can have a real tree..I'm so glad that you made it fun for your family..The cookies look great..It looks like a norman rockwell painting. Love you all


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