Hoola Hoopin’ and Rain Dances.

What a rainy, warm day! Eliana and I took a few walks today because Daddy had the car. We went to and from school and took a trip to the library for some Dora books. Eliana is very big into Dora these days!! She brought her Dora umbrella to catch any stray drizzle, too:)

I’m trying to keep this Little Lady active to wear her out so she will nap! It’s been nice to have the warmer weather so we can get out. Unfortunately, that’s about to end! We signed up for storytime again so hopefully she’ll meet some new friends.

Eliana found the boys’ hoola hoops today and wanted to try them. She begged me all day to help her, which was not easy, considering how small she is and how big they are! She loved it when I showed my excellent hoola hooping skills. Don’t expect a video of that anytime soon though!

I like to call this “Rain Dance.” Keeping silly boys busy!!

Happy Tuesday!


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