The Dungeon and The Tyrant

 We had a nice, quiet day at home today with the boys being off for President’s Day. I totally forgot they’d be home and as I was directing them to prepare their book bags for school on Sunday night, they were shouting, “Mommy!! We don’t have school!!” lucky for them:)

It was a quiet morning and then we spent the whole afternoon organizing the basement and most especially, Ben’s office area, which we have nicknamed, “The Dungeon.” Poor guy hates to work in a cold basement with no windows but it’s all we can do for now!

The boys actually spent most of the afternoon playing outside with friends and came to check in every so often. When Zakkai heard me using the paper shredder, he was downstairs so fast. He loves stuff like that! He seriously spent at least an hour shredding paper with me:)

The good news is, B came up with a large stack of books to return to the university library, which means he might have out less than 150 now! A miracle! He used to have over 300 books out during his crazy, class years. Ugh. He also can see the top of his desk now and the floor is no longer covered in stacks of books and papers. There is hope for him yet!

This cute little thang napped most of the time, which was good because she’s a regular tyrant these days!

You would never know it, looking at this darling little face! We are working hard to teach her words and sharing because my, can she scream! Today she heard Zakkai press a music button on her Dora book from the other room and I caught her up in mid-run as she came flying around the corner, yelling, “MY BOOK!!!” She sure knows how to make her presence known:)

Poor thing fell off a couple steps yesterday at church and got a rug burn on her forehead and that “extra eyebrow” you see, which is a bruised imprint from her glasses:( She was the saddest little thing but oh, the attention she gets from people! It really is very hard to resist that cute little face and sweet voice. Samuel put it so perfectly the other day when he said, “But she’s just so….huggable and squeezable!”

I just love this picture!! I wish there wasn’t a glare on her glasses but other than that, it’s just perfect. Missy and her adoring Daddy!


One thought on “The Dungeon and The Tyrant

  1. I haven't commented in a while…just wanted you to know I so enjoy your blog. I was sad to hear that E fell at church. Sounds like you are doing some great things around your home. Love to all.


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