Painting, Petite and Summer

On Saturday, before we went out to play, I set the kiddos up with some painting. First Zakkai was going to work on painting a wooden train set he got for his bday, then Missy Girl started begging to paint (which I am ashamed to say is because she rarely gets to do it!) and before I knew it, I had all 3 at the table happily painting!

It’s a good thing I put a paint shirt on Eliana because she used it and used it well!

I put her paper and paints in boxes so she wouldn’t paint all over the table. It worked well!!

She had such a great time that she was at the table far longer than the boys. I thought she’d never finish!

Mr Z painting his train:) He painted it black, blue and red and later after it dried, added stickers. Cute gift!

Samuel painted a nice picture with grass, a road, cars, stop signs and more. A far cry from the scribble paintings he used to do when he was little!

He loves to do art and says it’s one of his favorite subjects in school!!

On our way back to our car from the Point, we stopped at a little playground to play some more. Hard to resist 3 pleading faces on a beautiful sunny day! Eliana got her first try in a “big” swing because they were so low to the ground. She loves to swing!

Zakkai showed off his mad bar skills:)


There he goes! He did this over and over as many times as he could in the 10 minutes we played there. I would be so dizzy if I did that!

Today I took Eliana in for her 2 1/2 year check-up (a new thing, apparently). She’s  doing so great with physical development and speech. They reassured me that her heart murmur is fine and will cause no problems (it’s nice to have that reassurance every so often!) and once again, she is low on the charts and has inherited her mommy’s shortness:) I thought for sure she was at least 30 pounds because it feels like it when she’s stuck to my hip like glue! But she came in at 26.4 lbs and only 33 inches tall. That would be 22 % for weight and 3rd % for height. I’m going to re-measure her because it seems a little strange that she would’ve only grown a quarter of an inch in 6 months. Her legs are definitely longer and she’s finally growing out of 18 month clothes mostly.

Of course, now that I write that….she is 2 1/2 and still wearing 18 month clothes:) That should tell me something! She wears sizes ranging from 18 mos-2T, depending on how big/small it is. At least she doesn’t outgrow sizes quickly! We just moved her up to a size 6 shoe, which will fit her for quite awhile.

She talks like such a champ. I know it’s because she looks up to S and Z so much and has listened to them chatter non-stop for 2 1/2 years! She says such funny non-sensical things now! She randomly said at dinner the other night, “She not have nuffin’ (nothing) to do.” And repeated it about 20 times! She alternates between referring to herself with “I”, “me”, “she”, “Missy” or “Eliana.”. Or any combination of them! For instance, a couple weeks ago, she fell and she wailed out, “She hurt my knee!” or recently she might say, “Me not want to eat dat!” The whole “me” thing is a new one and it always reminds me of Cookie Monster! She calls herself “Missy, Missy Girl, Ewlyiana, Princess Baby (after a favorite book of hers) and it changes daily! She has tons of nicknames, too. We called her “Missy, Missy Girl, Baby Doo, Princess Eliana (after the book again), Little Darlin’, Baby Cakes, Baby Heart” and more. She loves to have nicknames:)

She is a little monster! She’s been on a nap strike for the last 5 days, which has led to super early bedtimes but today I wore her out with the drs apt and a long walk to the park! I ended the strike, at least for today:) Score 1 for mommy!

With this nice weather, there has been an increase in the boys’ “in and out” of the house thing. I dreeeeaaadddd a whole summer of that! I started to feel really overwhelmed yesterday at the thought of summer approaching so rapidly (they are done at the end of May!). It’s not that I don’t want to spend the extra time with my boys, because I do, but it’s a combination of the influence of too much time with the neighborhood kids, the constant in and out, the job of becoming neighborhood mother to the unsupervised kids, the endless begging for junk food (due to the influence of neighborhood kids with junk food) and on and on. I really dread that!

I started hunting up ideas for keeping them occupied and am hoping to have a little more structure this summer so they get good outside time but we do fun things together also. I am always open to suggestions! I hope I can really treasure my time with them and not spend the days impatient or not accomplishing anything. IF it is to be our last summer in Chicago, then I want it to be a good one!!


One thought on “Painting, Petite and Summer

  1. So thankful for E's good report at the doctor's office. I love all the pics you have been posting. All three are growing so much. I am praying for all of you – the big days ahead, and God's continued guidance and direction. It is exciting to see what he has planned for you all. He is faithful. Much love.


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