Quiet Weekend.

We’re having a pretty quiet weekend over here. Right now, the boys and Ben are playing Mario on Wii to relax after playing outside for a long time:)

Last summer, our former neighbors gave Eliana all these plastic barrettes and she recently rediscovered them and insisted on having 9 or 10 in her hair! She talked me into putting some in my own hair and the funny part is I forgot they were in there and greeted my friend on Friday all decorated:)

Eliana all beautified:)

Samuel ran his heart out in running club this spring and he added several more foot charms to his necklace. He’s now up to 29!!

His goal was 30 by the end of this year but they missed two running clubs due to all the rain. So proud of him! Zakkai, as you can see in the backround, has been really into coloring lately with markers. He fills up whole pages with decorations and works for such a long time. The only time I don’t like it is when he used the scented markers. Oh, how I loathe those!!! Those are a nightmare for someone with such a sensitive nose and they instantly give me a headache. I may have to ban them from my home:)

Today at lunchtime, Eliana dumped all her spaghetti noodles on the ground. I made her get down and pick them up (fair punishment, no?) and after she had picked up most and we had walked away, she ran over and grabbed the broom and finished her cleaning:)

She has been a big helper lately: putting away silverware and their plastic dishes, cleaning up after herself or helping when I ask for it. I hope this continues!

She is upstairs picking out her 3rd outfit for the day, a new favorite pastime. I’d better go supervise. Who knows what she’ll come down with!!


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