Today was my birthday. I hate to admit that I can no longer deny that I’m in my 30s. Ah, 2 years and I still haven’t gotten over it! I told the boys they could be dyslexic today and call me 23:)

My gang treated me royally today! Ben made pancakes and sausage for breakfast and put a candle in some pancakes and they all sang to me. The boys insisted we all wear birthday hats! They are so sweet:) The kiddos all colored me sweet cards and gave them to me before I even rolled out of bed this morning.

A little later in the morning, we all went out to a couple stores, where they let me pick out a little trinket from one of my favorite places “Charming Charlie.” (side note: if you have not visited there, GO!) I also got a gift card in the mail for a store that just happened to be 2 doors down from CC’s, so we browsed in there. I’m pretty sure I’m going to save it and try to save money to buy a new rug (ours has been beaten to death by children and time…) or some dishes (lots of our dishes have been broken).

We had a little quiet time this afternoon while Eliana napped and then we went out for a sandwich at Jimmy John’s and came back for some DQ ice cream cake! No, I am not 311 years old, although some days I might feel like it! We had no “2” so Ben improvised:) Looking around at the earnest faces singing me happy birthday, remembering all the extra hugs and “I love you’s” I got today….I felt very blessed.

And I want to wish a special Happy Birthday to my birthday “twin!” My dear Aunt T! I hope you had a special time being celebrated TX style! Sending you hugs from Chi-town….:)


2 thoughts on “Birthdays.

  1. Dear Heidi,
    You are so special to me! I love sharing a Birthday with you. We always joke it's our Birthday week, so we milk it as long as we can…..😊sometimes it works!


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