Taco Cups!

Life is certainly full with so many kiddos around here! Today I made my first outing with all 4 children (my three plus Baby C) and it went well, although it will take some getting used to! He is such a good baby so he makes it pretty easy. It was just a lot juggling bags and carseats and holding Eliana’s hand, etc. We went to my MOPS bible study. Samuel could hardly bear to leave his skateboard for 2 hours but he managed:) For the bible study, all of the kids of the moms go in the same room with several workers. (I kept the baby with me). They said the boys took really good care of Eliana and were so gentle and loving to her:)

Then we got home and I fed the crew and as soon as Samuel was fueled up, he disappeared into skateboard world and I barely saw him til dinner! He thinks he’s pretty cool stuff now:)

Zakkai is in and out all day. Along with all of the flies he lets in. Sigh. He finally came in for good in the later afternoon and had a rousing sleeping/kitchen game going with Eliana. They don’t play really well together often because Z is such a “policeman” when it comes to her but today it was SO nice to watch the two of them together!

After the baby went home, I got Eliana in bed super early since she decided she didn’t need to nap today and was a wreck by 5pm, and made one of my new pinterest dinners. Taco Cups! So easy, just a twist on tacos!

You lightly brush some tortillas with oil and push them down into muffin tins and bake at 350 for about 10-12 minutes. Fill with taco ingredients and voila! Tacos with a fresh twist:) They were really good, too! The boys just loved them and accused me of making “fancy tacos.”

Hey, as long as they are happy, I am happy! I will definitely be making them again. We love cheap and easy food around here!


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