Back to School Party!

 I promised my boys and end of the year slumber party which quickly turned into a back to school slumber party instead! Last night was the big night since it was the last Friday before school starts. Wow!

We started out the evening by letting the kiddos make their own pizzas!

So proud of his mad dough spreading skills!

Eliana spent most of her time pilfering pizza toppings:)

Finally her dough was spread and she got to decorate to her heart’s content!

We picked up a Wii game at the Redbox for them to play while they ate their own pizza creations. We were hoping for the Angry Birds game but they didn’t have it for some reason so we ended up with Madagascar 3 Wii.

Eliana kept saying, “It’s our own pizzas! Where’s your own pizza, Zakkai?”

Then I got out t-shirts for them to decorate with fabric paint! Boy, were they excited!! Eliana had to go to bed (no all-nighters for her!) so she got to do hers this morning. The boys just loved this!

Here is Zakkai’s creation! His is a car with all the details, driving on a road. He only had to be told 6, 5,789 times not to squeeze the paints so hard;) Samuel decided to finish his creation this morning.

We finished up the night with homemade peach ice cream!

Homemade peach ice cream and Farkle, a really fun dice game!

After breakfast, Samuel and Eliana got right to work decorating! Samuel said he was thinking Eliana could paint a nice barn scene with some animals but I said that she probably isn’t quite ready for that level of art yet!

Samuel working hard and enjoying every minute of it!

No barn scenes! Only paint polka dots for Missy Girl:)

Here is Samuel’s finished homemade Angry Bird’s shirt! He did a good job!


They are already asking when they can do it again:)


2 thoughts on “Back to School Party!

  1. I love the t-shirts..What a fun night..Sometimes the family fun nights are more fun than having all the friends over..At least that's what I always told myself and the kids..MIss you..I guess you are not coming to the wedding..So sorry because as I said we miss you all


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