A Beautiful Mess.

 I joined MOPS again this year and the theme is “A Beautiful Mess,” the point being a lot of us (or all if we’re honest!) are messes inside but we are worth loving and that hopefully this year we will dive into the lives of the women around us and love them with grace, despite how “messy” they are. And vice versa. It sure fit how I felt this morning! I debated whether or not to go to the first meeting all the way up til the last minute…and beyond! Eliana has just been getting over being sick and although she was better today than the past couple of days, she was crying and saying she didn’t want to go to MOPS. The baby I watch was getting sleepy and soon ready to eat but I packed them both up and, despite being almost 15 minutes late, marched myself (and the crew!) into the church. I immediately just felt a peace about being there when I saw that not only was I not the only one who was late, but I was greeted with smiles and genuine kindness by several friends there.

I am so very thankful I took the step out of isolation and joined the group last spring. It has been such a blessing to get to know some really wonderful women and journey through the “mess” of motherhood, wifehood and well, just plain humanhood! I really have learned a lot in the past 6 months.  I met several new people today and hope to make a lot of new friends and community this year. So thankful.

Zakkai got his school t-shirt today at school and he was SO excited to show me. He claimed that his other shirt he was wearing today was “sweaty” and he just had to take it off….and try on his new shirt. He’s a devious fellow sometimes! I wouldn’t be surprised if I have to pry it out of his hand to wash it….:)

These are the looks I’ve been getting from this little lady lately. I’m sure you can catch the gist, even through the blurriness! She doesn’t like having a cough but sure hasn’t minded wheedling some extra cuddles and hugs!

Ben and I made a new plan to take the boys on special outings (B won’t let me call them “dates”) once a month with each of us to spend some special time with them. This month was Ben’s turn with Zakkai and will be mine with Samuel. Ben surprised Zakkai by taking him from school for lunch today! He called the school and Z’s teacher told Zakkai to bring his lunch and there was a surprise for him in the office. He was SO surprised when he saw his daddy standing there!

Ben walked with him to the park and they spent the whole time just eating and talking and even saw a fox at the park! It not only made Z’s day to be loved by his daddy, it made Ben’s day, too. Now Samuel is wondering what I have up my sleeve!

If you have any fun little ideas for a simple, cheap little “outing” we could have/do with the boys, please pass it on!


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