Our Week

I know I am becoming a regular blog-neglector of late. I just seem to be at a loss for words these days. There is just so much going on and much of it just doesn’t have adequate words. I hope that my desire to blog daily will come back soon because I miss the ease of writing and sharing. Of documenting the big and small stories of our life.
Our kiddos are growing so quickly. Lately, just looking at pictures of them, we are blown away at how tall they are getting; how quickly they are changing.

Take this girl for instance. She will be THREE a month from today! Wow. I just cannot believe it. She is such a great conversationalist. She tells us everything these days. All the things she sees and wants to make sure that we saw, too. She has some good vocabulary, too! She likes to tell us, “I can easily do that.” ha:) She often has a word of the day that she will use over and over. This week one of her words was “a ‘dorable.” The way she said it and broke it up into two words was so cute! She just keeps saying, “Aw! That is SO a ‘dorable!”

We got her some new shoes this week, since her feet started growing. This was probably only her second brand new pair ever! I usually get her shoes from friends or at thrift stores.

These are pretty special, though! Dora shoes that light up! Can they get any better than that?? She’s pretty proud of the lights;)

The boys love this line/box game that they find in certain coloring books. I have no idea what it is called but they love it! They spent a long time playing the other day, so nicely, that I could hardly break them away for dinner:)

During “naptime” today (a.k.a. nap rebellion), Eliana managed to sneak her arms through the crib slats and break into a storage bin next to her crib. She decided to dress herself in some pants. I was so surprised when I brought her downstairs to see pants on her and after questioning her, figured out what happened. She was pretty proud of herself! Nevermind that they are inside out and backwards…..;)

 Look how tall Z is getting!! He just loves first grade. He is getting so good at reading and is making lots of friends. He joined running club like Samuel, which started this week. He ran a full mile and will earn his first charm!

And Samuel got the Friendship Award at school today! In his class, they have this really neat thing where the kids write on post-it notes throughout the week, nice things about their classmates. It can be something they helped them with, a kind act, anything. And whoever gets the most post-its at the end of the week wins the award and a special lunch with the teacher!

We were awfully proud of our guy! He has really shown such growth lately in his compassion and ability to see right and wrong and to want to correct it. It’s pretty amazing to watch your child flourish like that and I pray it continues!

I am not sure if I picked up the kids’ recent colds or one of my own but it caught up with me today and I am praying and hoping I don’t stay down for long! We have company coming this weekend and it will never do for me to be down and out!

Have a great weekend!


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