What’s that white stuff?

In the past week and a half the scenery outside has undergone a dramatic change! We went from basking in the amazing reds, oranges and yellows of the trees to quickly crunching through carpets of fallen leaves, to watching the trees slowly strip themselves of their vibrancy and become bare, to this:

Snow! Can you believe it? The ground was very wet from rain so I didn’t think any of it would stick but it did! We were trudging home from school through the blustery snow and Samuel said, “I can’t believe it’s snowing in November! It’s only fall!”

Welcome to Chicago, kid. I clearly remember one of our first winters here when S was a baby, it snowed at the beginning of October! It is quite a change this month with the dramatic weather/scenery turns and the darker skies in the evenings. Not sure if I’m ready to be holed up for winter yet!

Samuel is being teased at school at about a girl. He is one of 3 boys that was invited to a girl’s birthday party, along with 17 girls! Apparently, Leah only invites the nice boys to her party and Samuel is one of them. He talks about her a lot and they seem to be good buddies but he was frustrated last week because kids keep teasing him and saying he “likes” her. He keeps saying, “Mommy, she’s just my friend!”

It’s crazy to me that 8 year olds are already talking about crushes! I told him just to simply state that Leah is his friend, no ifs/ands/or/or buts and just change the subject or walk away. Teasing is a part of life, unfortunately, and we just need to teach our kiddos how to handle it!

But crushes??? seriously? Maybe I was behind the times but I wasn’t thinking in that direction at all when I was eight. My boy classmates were doing nasty things like picking their noses and eating glue. Or was it paste….

These kids are growing up way too fast! Slow down time, slow down…


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