The Not-So-Secret-Keeper

If you are going to tell someone a secret, you should make sure that they are trustworthy! And they probably should be over the age of 3…..

Last week, Eliana and I went to Kohl’s and got a couple things for Christmas with my 30% coupon. One thing that we got was a new shaver for Ben. I know, very exciting, right? But the one he has is at least 7 years old and he hasn’t had new blades for it in probably 5 years. Blades are just as expensive as a new shaver!

So, Eliana and I picked out a shaver and too late, I thought, “What if she tells Ben about this?” Later that afternoon, she was sitting on my lap and something I said made her remember the shaver we bought and she started to tell Samuel about it. I quickly stopped her by whispering in her ear, “Shhh! It’s a secret!”

Samuel picked up on the whispering and said, “What’s a secret?!” Eliana put on her sternest, bossiest little face and said, “It’s in mommy’s ear!” haha:)

Fast forward to a couple days ago and Eliana woke up before Ben left for work. He opened her door to say good morning while he was shaving with his dull razor. Almost as soon as she opened her mouth, my heart sank. I was in our room getting dressed and I heard her say, “Daddy, is that your new shaver?”

I held my breath as he said, thinking she was being silly, “New shaver? No, this is just Daddy’s old shaver!” I hoped she would let it go but in true determined toddler fashion, she continued. And I knew the secret was done for.

She said, “Daddy, where’s your new shaver?” With her continued questioning, the fact that she was revealing a secret dawned on him. Eliana came out of her room and said, “Mommy, where is Daddy’s new shaver? He needs it!”

Cat out. Bag empty. He started laughing when he realized what she gave away and promised to act surprised when he opens his present on Christmas morning.

Moral of the story? Don’t tell secrets to three year olds! They are the “Not-so-secret keepers!” She will not be doing any more Christmas shopping with me:)

Who me??


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