Spring Break Part II!

 This week has been the boys’ spring break! We did not take an exotic vacation, unfortunately (money and all that jazz;) so we’ve been hangin’ around here. Samuel really really wanted to go to Chicago this week but we want to wait until Ben can go. I’ve been trying to come up with little things to occupy everyone!

First, a few pics!

Eliana and her little cousin being silly at JoAnn’s:)

I got together with a friend of mine last week so our girls could play and we could make some snacks! We made fruit roll-ups and granola bars. Yum!

We filled out a little bracket for a friendly family competition and Eliana, who was very proud of her bracket, chose Virginia because that’s where her cousin lives! We haven’t broken the news yet that they lost….

Fun news! Zakkai is now taking Tae Kwon Do!! We have been wanting to get the boys involved in something but it’s really expensive and time-consuming! We found a great class through our church and it meets three times a week (he only has to go at least twice.) We have thought for the longest time that martial arts would be so good for him; to build self-confidence, learn self-discipline, respect, etc.

Z has hemmed and hawed when it comes to choosing a sport but after trying this class, he LOVES it!! I had a chance to go watch him last night and it was just adorable! Pics coming soon:)

And Samuel will be starting baseball next week, I think! He is excited about it. We are waiting to hear what team he gets on and if Ben will be a volunteer coach. Boy, if our schedule wasn’t busy enough already…..
This week has seemed long and different. I have been teaching preschool this week (as E’s spring break was last week) so the boys hung out with their Grandma both days. They had a lot of fun!! On the off days, aside from running errands here and there (grocery store, library, etc), we have done a couple fun things using some Christmas gift cards the kids got like going to see a movie (“Big Hero 6” SO cute!) and getting ice cream at Graeter’s (an Ohio specialty!) The weather is “eh” this week so unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to do outside play or parks. Watch next week be gorgeous:)

I’m still trying to decide what to do with them on their last day tomorrow. We have to plan something or we feel crazy being cooped up! Spring fever, anyone??


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