The Gift of Friendship and Less is More!

 This past weekend we were so blessed to have dear friends from Chicago visit us! I have said so many times that we met the most amazing people while we were there who were like family to us in a season where we didn’t have any close by.

This couple is an example of that!!

This is Ben and Emily. Emily and I are always saying, “My Ben” or “Your Ben” to keep them straight:) And that adorable sturdy 2 year old is “Baby” Caleb, whom I had the honor of babysitting all of last year! How is he not a baby anymore??? And now he has a baby brother! “Wa-wa,” as Caleb affectionately calls him. Otherwise known as Joshua:)

We have missed them so much this past year and it just felt like home spending time with them this weekend. We talked and laughed and teased each other. Got in baby snuggles, ate Der Dutchman, watched baby goats play, played games, oooh, and enjoyed deep dish pizza personally delivered all the way from Chicago!!

What a gift and treasure is a friendship like this. When they left, we were all teary and Eliana went inside and burst into tears. She cried and cried for at least 10 minutes and we all just sat, Ben and I doling out hugs and feeling the sadness ourselves of saying goodbye to people we hold so dear in our hearts.  Ugh, we hate goodbyes! We love you, Lovaasens!!

It was kind of hard to jump back into busy life again today after the weekend but we had no choice! Back to school and work and busyness. I took 2 full van loads of stuff over to my mom’s today for our upcoming garage sale! You wouldn’t believe all of the things that I have been able to sort through and get rid of!

So, I “cheated” and skipped ahead in my May Minimalist Game. Yeah, yeah, I know. I couldn’t stop myself and got too excited once I got on a roll. Ready for the current tally? (Drum roll, please!!)

So far, I have gotten rid of 378 things!! That’s almost completely through 27 days in May!! Once I got going, it was actually really easy to keep going. I have tossed, recycled, donated and added to my sell pile furiously over the past 2 weeks. We were to the point of barely being able to get through the basement at all until I took some of it out today. I am SO ridiculously excited to have the garage sale. Call me a nerd!

I am already feeling the effects of less clutter and an easier maintenance. I am excited to show you some final pics, once we get rid of some pieces of furniture this weekend and repurpose some others. I am looking forward to my “home makeover:)” Less is More!!

Most of all, I feel such a peace about letting go of things that I have been hanging on tightly to and being able to share this journey with my family and get them to start contemplating all of this. I have had some really good conversations with Ben and the kids at various times over this simplifying process. I truly see it as a gift!

Happy Monday!

One thought on “The Gift of Friendship and Less is More!

  1. I remember your friends from Chicago I think they visited you one time when you were living here..How fun for you all to have them come to visit..Isn't it hard to say goodbyes..I cry everytime..Heidi you are something and your odrganizing..Wow


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