Happy Friday!

¬†Even though we don’t own our house, we have been told by the landlord company to make it our own! They encouraged us to paint the porchswing, so I did!

Samuel and I both reached for the paint sample at the exact same time:) Great minds think alike!

I even found a cute little person to model our “new” swing for me:) And oh, the stories I could tell you about this girl! She has turned into a terror since turning 5. The attitude and mean little spirit, oh!:( But we had some good talks about it this week and the past two days have been like night and day. Hallelujah! So thankful to see that her sweet spirit is still there:)

The handsome guy is just so…grown-up! Speaking of attitudes…..his is much better these days. He had a very rough adjustment to homeschooling but this past month has been SOOO much more enjoyable! He even said he likes it now. Woohoo!

We are so very busy these days that I am feeling a wee bit overwhelmed. I keep thinking it will pass and then we’ll have some quieter weeks but it hasn’t happened so far. One day at a time, is my motto…..one day at a time.

Now I am off to take an even to breathe, eat some homemade pizza and hang out with my long-lost, hard-workin’ hubby!