Zakkai’s Birthday, Oliver Baby and Colds!


Our sweet Oliver Baby (otherwise known as Putty Tat, Pussy Cat, Olivee, Baby and more:) has just been the most amazing addition to our family! He is just so wonderful:)


His eyes have changed from so blue to a beautiful green-blue aqua color. His face especially and the other points of his body have darkened so much over the past month and he is just so beautiful!


And ornery, as you can tell! He got his head stuck in this tissue box the other day:) He is an attacker of bare legs and anything that moves, a fierce killer of stuffed animals, and an automatic purr box as soon as we come near him. He sleeps above my head every single night and wakes me up with a nibble on my face to let me know he is ready to eat!


He gets tucked in by the kids for most of his naps! He leads a pretty cushy life, no pun intended!


And he also has Ben wrapped around his furry little paw:) Here he is taking a little snooze in daddy’s arms:) Softy!


We’ve had a cold virus going through our house. It started with Z on Monday. He went through a brand new box of tissues in one morning and was miserable with a low-grade fever by evening. He shared his germs with Eliana and Samuel, who came down with it Wed and were miserable by Thursday. Eliana followed me everywhere, even falling asleep on the stool watching me cook lunch!


These were her eyes all day… Ben and I have been chugging Emergen-C like addicts and I’ve been making smoothies with all sorts of sickness-fighting things and I was able to stave it off long enough to celebrate Z’s birthday this weekend! (and then I succumbed. sigh.)


Now to the best part!! On Saturday, Mr Z turned NINE!! It is an off-party year and when asked how he would like to celebrate, he said with going out to breakfast! He inhaled a large chocolate pancake with a whipped cream face and then blushed endearingly when the wait staff came out clapping loudly, singing him happy birthday and bringing him a breakfast bowl of ice cream:) A great way to start the day!


When we got home, his present from us and my mom and stepdad was waiting on the doorstep. He couldn’t wait to tear into it! Look how excited he was when he saw it…


An electric drum set!! He can plug his new headphones into it and program beats. It’s very cool and he loves it! We spent the rest of the day outside at the park with bikes! It was seriously February and 68 degrees outside. (what a weird winter!) It was so nice to be out in fresh air after being cooped up with sick kids and tissues all week.


We came home and let the birthday boy feast on one of his favs~spaghetti! This kid has adored spaghetti since he was old enough to say “p’sketti!” And then we put a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream on a brownie, lit a candle and sang to him. And then he sai, “Can I ask you a question? Was I cute when I was born? ‘Cause I saw a picture and I was a little….weird looking.” (fyi, most babies are weird looking when they were born 5 minutes ago!) We told him that parents are made to think their babies are adorable as soon as they arrive (which of course, made me get all misty-eyed) and we regaled him with Baby Zakkai stories and told him how special he is to us.

Oh my Mr Z,

How can you be NINE???? Why aren’t you still my fat little 3 year old who came with me everywhere and made us laugh hourly with your ridiculous questions and observations?! Why aren’t you 5 and making us breathe a sigh of relief that you were not throwing as many outrageous tantrums? Or telling me as we walked home from taking Samuel to school that you were going to grow up and live next door to me with your 9 children and mow my lawn and come visit me every day?

Now you are nine and I can’t quite grasp that you are growing up. You are still outrageous and ridiculous and have the most imaginative imagination I have ever seen. Or heard. And most people who meet you would probably agree! You have made the coolest Lego inventions ever and I really expect you to invent something someday.

At the moment you say you might want to be a mechanic and fix cars and you and Samuel have great plans to open a healthy candy shop called Dots, that also sells meat and cheese:) I hope you do it and I will come and be your biggest customer!

Your hair still sticks straight out from your forehead, as it did when you were a baby and I adore it! I wish your front teeth would never come back so you wouldn’t lose that adorable tooth-less lisp you have. You are so smart, so loving, so bossy, so earnest and innocent and you are so adored. I hope and pray you will continue to gain confidence and see yourself for the wonderful amazing boy you are. A gift to our family.

I love you my Z-man,





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