Summer/Winter Days

The really cool car I got to drive for 2 days while B’s car was being “fixed” last week. Or not fixed. But still. We wanted to keep it:)
The face of Love:) And orneriness!
It was so warm last weekend that we took a long bike ride (I’ll have to show you our cool bike set-up for family rides!) and it was so windy that it was perfect for kite flying!
The boys attempting to get the kite up and a random girl watching:)
And off it goes! We all took turns flying it (well…except E) and it was really fun!
Even though we were back to winter today, we took a really fun mini trip to a maple tree farm. We got to see how they collect sap and turn it into syrup with their very high tech, expensive evaporator machine. All those cords you see are tubes that run from tree to tree and all the sap runs into a vacuum system and into their vats. It’s a neat system and we learned a lot! This particular family run farm taps over 5,800 trees one by one and you could tell they really cared about the trees! We, of course, bought some maple sypup:) And I got some great homeschooling ideas! Win win!
In other news, we are about to embark on a new adventure with food this next month so stay tuned to see what we’re doing. You know me, always looking for some new challenging thing to try:) That’ll be my next post!


Off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday with my family. Ciao!

One thought on “Summer/Winter Days

  1. Just wanted you to know I looked on your blog…you will have to help me understand how to do this..but I loved all pictures..Grandma


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