Anniversary, Modeling and Eating!

Yesterday, we celebrated 13 years of marriage! It’s actually really fun to celebrate it with the kids around because they are SO excited for us:) Ben came home with a pretty hyacinth and a card and there was a collective silence while I read my card, with every eye on me! It was very cute. They don’t even fully know what it means, except that we are celebrating the day we got married and that it’s really special to us. Therefore, it is special to them! I really love that.

I can’t believe it’s been so long! It seems so short, when I allow my mind to drift back to that wonderful day we said “I do.” It was a sunny, warm weekend in March and we were filled with the hope and promise of a wonderful adventure of life together. And it seems so long, when the memories of the past 13 years slide through my mind like a slideshow. There have been sunshine seasons, of blessing and hope and renewal. There have been dark seasons, of clouds, haze, tears. And many, many seasons in between.

And they’ve all been good because we’ve been through them together. Hand in hand. Side by side. Two built-in best friends, companions and lovers walking through this difficult life together. Thanks be to God for this indescribable gift!


And this week Eliana got to do something very fun! She got to model for Zulily! (it’s not too late to check out her picture! Just go to and scroll down until you see her beautiful face for the store “She’s Tutu Cute.”)

Zulily Cape Clogs 1
She is also the opening picture for a store called “Cape Clogs.” Those are some cute legs!
Zulily Cape Clogs 2
This wasn’t put on Zulily but that’s a cute girl! Like her new glasses?



These are just a few of the pictures that they sent me! They only used one of each and so we got free pictures of our sweet girl! She was nervous and very focused on doing what they told her to do. She finally relaxed at the very end and that’s when they captured the shot that is on the website. I’ll share that next time:)


And last but not least, we just finished Day 8 of our Whole30! Time flies when you’re having fun….or at least when you are really busy:) It is definitely a lot of work for me but I am starting to get the hang of it and relaxing a bit more instead of worrying about every meal. Pretty much I just make sure we are getting enough protein, tons of veggies some fruit and healthy fats at every meal. We have tried lots of new recipes and have found some REALLY good ones! We are doing a lot of talking about how this will change us afterwards.

Yes, we miss rice. And bread. And I had a very random craving for Banana Cream Pie that was intense yesterday. (I really could taste it and it’s not even my favorite dessert!) But mostly we are really satisfied and adjusting well. We have gone through some phases like extreme exhaustion on Sunday (as in napping so hard we were drooling!), some stomach discomfort here and there and definitely some crazy emotions have hit this week. It’s all part of it, we’ve been told!

I am seeing a huge improvement in my sleeping already. I fall asleep easily, whereas before I could lay awake forever thinking, planning, worrying…I sleep well and dream A LOT and I am waking up much easier and even before my alarm! The past few months I have been dragging myself out of bed so this is an amazing change.

I am monitoring everyone’s health symptoms carefully and seeing some good movements in the right direction. I am most anxious to see a bigger change in Eliana’s tummy issues and a rash that she has had for over 2 months now. I am seeing improvement in the tummy pain but only time will tell!

This has been kind of fun for all of us as well as hard sometimes. The kids are REALLY interested in what I am cooking and I am getting lots of help from them! It’s bringing us closer in a different way, which I didn’t really expect. But I like, of course:)

Now I’m off to bed to have all my dreams:) Good night!

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