Hello, hello! Long-time, no-see! We have been busy over here with family in town and celebrating Easter and all the regular life-things:)

First up, we are almost done with our elimination diet! Only 6 1/2 more days….But then the real work begins of introducing everything back in. It will take us roughly 18 days to introduce food groups back in, should everything go smoothly. We are nervous and excited!

IMG_1481[1]For now, we continue to eat very fresh, colorful healthy meals, like egg salad (complete with homemade mayonnaise) in pepper bowls! We have tried new things and loved them and I will be adding lots of new recipes to my repertoire! I feel like I have learned so much in the past 3 weeks. It’s really amazing. I will have to put my thoughts down next week, at the end!


We were at the store recently waiting on Grandma-great:) Boys vs girls!


My sister and her family came into town and stayed with us and we got to do some Easter egg decorating at my mom’s!


We couldn’t pass up a photo op with the 3 youngest grandchildren! These girls LOVE to be together and it doesn’t happen often enough! There is a year and a half span between all of them:)


They all have such different personalities, which is fun to see!


Eliana got a new Easter hat from her Grandma! She wore it all day on Easter and looked darling:) (of course!)


A selfie with Grandma!!


We made Grandpa get in on the action, too! It was a really nice Easter, starting with a really good church service, followed by amazing weather and family!


We were able to spend the morning at COSI, our local kids’ science museum on Monday. The girls had the best time together! They were also SOOOO tired from the whole weekend so they were very emotional. We squeezed in some rest time in the afternoon! These girls were just meant to be best-buddies:) And the fun part is, we get to go visit them next month and will be taking a couple of days to tour DC, which we have never been to! We are very excited.


We found this guy keeping watch from our porch roof the other day. He just sat there, as still as a statue. So beautiful!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


One thought on “Howdy!

  1. Remember the beautiful cardinel is a sign from the Lord..Ever thing is going to be alright…Love your pictures of Easter vacation. We had fun didn’t we..You will have to share some of your reciepes….


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