We made it!! We completed our very first Whole30 on Thursday. We aren’t quite finished yet though….

Friday our Reintroduction phase started. It is THE most important part of the whole process! We are adding things back in very slowly and monitoring our reactions carefully. I highly suspect we will have some adverse reactions to things.

We started with sugar. Sounds crazy, right?! Way to jump in! We chose it because there is sugar in so many things and we knew if it was added into some of the other things we reintroduce later, we would have no idea if sugar has caused anything.

So yesterday, a little sugar got sprinkled on grapefruit halves and a drizzle of maple syrup made our Pumpkin Custard breakfast a little sweeter. We had a homemade salad dressing with a teensy bit of sugar in it on our lunch salad, lots of fruit and for dessert…Cinnamon “Ice Cream.” (no dairy~made with coconut milk, almond milk, cinnamon and honey or maple syrup!)

We couldn’t believe how sweet everything tasted! I don’t even think we really did that much sugar; just enough to test the waters. By afternoon, both Ben and I had low-grade headaches, some aching in our limbs and just in general did not feel as well as we have been. The kids hit major energy slumps late morning and looked like zombies. Wow.

I didn’t even want to finish my little serving of “ice cream,” which had a great flavor but was just too sweet and I wasn’t feeling the best at that point but we knew we had to push through to really test the results.

still have the headache and a general not well feeling today and it’s been 24 hours. Yuck! I’m hoping tomorrow I will feel good again.

And we have felt very good the past couple of weeks! Esp the last week. I usually suffer from headaches at least half the month and often for up to 9 day stretches in a row and I had maybe 5 headaches over all in 30 days. A few were early detox headaches and I needed no medicine (and I am usually popping 3 extra-strength tylenol or 3 ibuprofin at a time, multiple times to be able to kill my headaches). The only headache I took medicine for was a tension/stress-related headache over Easter weekend. This is HUGE for me!!

Ben lost at least 13 pounds!!! He is down to a weight he hasn’t been since Zakkai was a baby toddler and he had to go on a special diet for health reasons back then. He looks SO good. His face is brighter and he says his stomach feels great and noticed an improvement in his sinuses, which have been giving him serious grief this winter.

Eliana’s stomach pains and aches have improved around 90%! She is still being sent for allergy testing in a couple of weeks for some other symptoms but I just know she is sensitive to something we have been eating and my guess is dairy or gluten. She also has weaned off of melatonin for sleeping, which she has been on since December!

Zakkai’s concentration in school improved dramatically! He really amazed me several times with the amount of work he was able to accomplish in far less time and with FAR less meltdowns, etc. We noticed other improvements with him, too, which are so encouraging! I am suspecting he will be sensitive to gluten.

Samuel says he’s fine and nothing changed but he hasn’t slept well in a long time and he is sleeping much better! He also gets headaches a few times a month at least (takes after me!) and he has had NONE this past month. Woohoo! He also is my junior carb addict and he went from serious depression over being grain-less for a month to not missing it at all! He was not looking forward to the reintroduction phase:)

All in all, we have seen enough improvements in health issues, energy, sleeping, etc to convince us that this was well worth it! Next reintroduction is Legumes on Monday. Beans, beans, the magical fruit….





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