Allergies, Eating and Vacation!

IMG_1556[1]Hey! Long time, no see! 🙂 We’ve been very busy over here, as usual, especially now that the weather has been nice! The kids are really enjoying being outside more. The boys got a new basket ball hoop for Christmas and we finally got it set up! They are out there every day shooting hoops:)

IMG_1557[1]We are still trucking along with our food diet. We finished the actual 30 days of elimination and for the past 3 weeks or so, have been reintroducing foods one at a time. We intro a food, then go back to our Whole30 for 2 days and then try the next food, keeping all other reintro foods out of our diet. So far we introduced sugar, legumes, corn, non-gluten grains, gluten and tomorrow will be dairy.

Reintroduction has been way harder than the elimination! Seriously. We all felt SO good that last week of the diet and the foods we’ve brought back in have caused rashes, stomach pain, headaches, lethargy, behavioral issues, malaise (like that word??), etc. Yuck!

The good news is that we have found some trigger foods! And I’ve learned to make some cool things over the past month like homemade Coconut and Almond Milk (labels, courtesy of Zakkai:)

IMG_1560[1]And guess what I am making here?! (P.S. My Cuisinart Pro Classic food processor has been a lifesaver this past month and a half! I love it!)IMG_1564[1]It’s Almond butter!! Wow, it is SO good! It is incredibly fresh tasting. We are NOT going to be eating much peanut butter after that reintro failed miserably (we even had to push back our corn reintro because we all felt terrible! Except Z who hates peanut butter anyways:)

Zakkai has never eaten peanut butter ever. (aside from the occasional Reese’s) He loathes it so I consider it a HUGE accomplishment that he now eats almond butter! He was so gracious and tried a little smidge of peanut butter for me on legume day and had immediate tummy pains afterwards and felt yucky so I told him he didn’t have to eat it again.IMG_1558[1]Love my Z-man! (please ignore my flattened bangs!) His front tooth finally broke through after 4 months of being toothless and is coming in rapidly. I begged him for a picture before his tooth came in too far. I do love a toothless kid!IMG_1561[1]While E’s tummy pains improved a ton over the course of this eating, she has still struggled with rashes, hives and other things. She has this constant “rash” on her legs that gets better and worsens often.

IMG_1562[1]The day after eating oats and rice, she broke out into a rash all over her cheeks and ears. She was SO “off” the next day, including falling asleep in the morning in the car! Her rash continued to get worse over the next two days; very itchy and bright red. People kept commenting on her rosy cheeks.

IMG_1574[1]We finally got her referred for allergy testing to see if we could find some answers! Here she is in the waiting room on Friday. Her cheeks are still red but were starting to clear up a tiny bit. She was so nervous about her appt.IMG_1575[1]

Look at this trooper! This was about one minute after they pricked her all over her back. She started to cry but then was such a brave girl. I brought some things for us to do together to distract her while we were waiting. The boys were at a science field trip so that was helpful!

Unfortunately, we learned that she is allergic to CATS (ugh!), dogs and tree pollen. She has no identifiable food allergies, which I didn’t want her to have and yet at the same time, was a little disappointed about (weird, I know) just because I want some answers about all the tummy problems, sleeping problems, etc!

She is very sad about her cat allergy, especially, because Oliver can no longer snuggle on her bed, as he loves to do and she has to be careful to wash her hands, etc. This explains the random hives (especially when he has scratched her!) and the constant nasal congestion and cough. Sigh.

The allergist explained that she could still have food intolerances, which would explain the eczema (the rash on her legs and maybe the face rash) that she keeps getting and the tummy troubles, etc. She did not react well to oats, rice, peanuts somewhat and definitely not to gluten this weekend! Oh my goodness, gluten was awful for the kids! It was terrible tummy pain/upset for E and Z, awful behavioral issues and more. Ugh!

So what does life look like from here? We still have dairy to go but we have already decided that we will be living a mostly Paleo lifestyle with occasional treats and cheats built in on special occasions, etc. We will not adhere so strictly because we will probably have beans sometimes or hummus (which Paleo doesn’t allow) and will won’t be able to say no to a good pizza every so often! But we definitely have to change things because we feel SO much better without all the extra stuff and have such improved sleeping, behavior, etc. This will be an adjustment but we have learned to love a bazillion veggies and eat so much more than we did before! It’s fun to fill up that shopping cart and look down and it’s filled with only fresh, colorful whole foods!

Anyways, this has been fun (mostly) for us to do together and our story has even inspired another family and 3 more people to do the Whole30! It’s not easy but it is definitely worth it, I can assure you!

UP next, we’re taking a mini vacation to VA and Washington D.C. this weekend!!



One thought on “Allergies, Eating and Vacation!

  1. I’m so impressed you have stuck with this and am glad you’ve found some answers. I borrowed the Whole30 book from the library once and was totally overwhelmed by it all!
    Hope you guys have a fantastic vacation!


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