What’s Up?!

Time flies, as usual. This time of year seems to go by so fast. Baseball started in April and we have been knee-deep in baseball practices and games, Tae Kwon Do practices, ballet, gardening, etc.

Last weekend, within a 3 day period, we had 3 baseball games, a ballet rehearsal, a garage sale, a cleaning job and we bought a car. Whew! That was just on top of the “normal” things:)

Kiddo Updates:

Samuel: S is a month away from turning 11. Whoa! He is within a few inches of equaling me in height and is still as skinny as a rail, despite attempting to eat us out of house and home! Homeschooling was a big struggle for him this year. We’ve had to have a lot of talks about attitude, complaining and trying his hardest. We are in the process of making decisions about next year.

He reads a TON and is getting into fun books that I read as a child! It’s been fun to share that with him. We give him the privilege of staying up a little later than the others to read in bed and unwind for the day. He takes full advantage of it:)

He has lost interest in most “toys” except Legos sometimes. He loves baseball and is getting much better at hitting! He has hit some good ones during games this season and scored several times! He has also been playing third base and has made some great catch/throws. It’s fun to watch him! He is growing up really quickly.


Zakkai: Z is like a different child now that he is off of gluten. He has become a whiz at school and his meltdowns have dwindled down to practically nothing. It’s truly amazing to me! He still talks incessantly and it’s a challenge at times to keep my sanity while also making him feel important by listening:)

He is CRAZY about cars right now! He is already planning on buying a Ford Mustang as soon as he can save up enough money. He would like to start a car-washing or lawn mowing business to save money. I love his ambition! We just have to help him stop and think through the problems/details of doing such a thing but we are proud of him for wanting it! He gets stacks of books from the library on cars from the history of them, to how to build them and collect them to stories about long-lost cars discovered in old barns. And we hear ALL about everything he learns!:)

He eats like a horse and is never ever filled up. Every time I am in the kitchen, he is two steps behind me wanting to know if he can help, what I am making and most importantly….how soon will it be done?!!!

Z is now a blue belt in TKD! He is still building confidence but we are really proud of how far he has come. He is taking a break from it for the month of June and then will go back. He is also considering playing baseball next season….:)



Eliana: Miss E is loving being 5 and a half! (that half is VERY important to her!) She just had her big ballet recital on Saturday and it was adorable and all she talks about is being a prima ballerina someday, while she is tap dancing for me in the kitchen:)

She has learned to read in the past few months and it’s been so fun for her! I got a really great book that was recommended to me and she must’ve been ready because she took to it like a fish to the water! We do “reading lessons” together a few times a week from the book. She is always trying to sound out words and show off her skills:)

She loves to spend time with all of us and constantly begs for us to play with her. I love to listen to her play and have her dolls or whatever she is playing with talk to each other. She also sings ALL the time! She has a very pure soprano voice and it’s sweet to listen to!

When she has her rare stubborn moments…she has them well! She gets completely irrational when she is over-tired so I have to watch to make sure she is getting enough rest or watch-out!

Her hair is past the middle of her back and she says she is going to grow it out to her ankles and then cut it (and repeat) again. Ha! It’s beautiful hair but boy is she hot this summer so far!

IMG_1610[1] IMG_1649[1]

US: We had so much fun these past few weeks planting our garden! We have six raised beds that we built, filled with veggies and flowers and some fruits! So far, everything is growing really well and it’s been fun for all of us to take part in it. Something “normal” we wanted to do for so long but couldn’t! The kids each have their own planter and B and I get the rest:)

IMG_1612[1] IMG_1613[1] IMG_1616[1] IMG_1618[1] IMG_1619[1] IMG_1637[1] IMG_1638[1]

We also had to buy a car last weekend. It’s our very first brand-new car! We have gone the used route always and sometimes that works out great and sometimes not so much. Kermit, who bit the dust with the accident last month wasn’t our best buy. This time, we decided to get a car that will last us a long time, that can get B to and from work reliably and safely and that can fit the 5 of us when necessary. We got a Honda Civic and we love it! It’s very sporty looking:)

IMG_1632[1] IMG_1635[1]

We are about to wrap up school and are planning summer fun like a trip to the Dayton Air Show with friends, swimming lessons in a friend’s pool and more! Stay tuned:)


2 thoughts on “What’s Up?!

  1. Don’t know how you accomplish all that you do! Maybe you have more than 24 hours in your day. 😎 You are a wonderful woman, wife and mother. I am so thankful for you. Love you.


  2. What fun to check your blog and find you wrote…even though I’m 2 min. away I have not seen your garden..So that was so fun and also since being gone wondered how S was doing in baseball..So glad to here he is hitting better and third bass…Wow..You are a wonderful Mom and Granddaughter..You take care of us old people too…Love You…


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